New Letter from Bishop Schneider to the Workers 




Today, I greet all of those workers who at this very hour who are being forced to choose between keeping their job and getting the Covid-19 vaccine or being fired for not getting the vaccine.

Through this brief letter I extend some encouragement in your trials. The Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima can also offer a religious exemption.

Some of you have already paid the price for the truth about the Covid-19 vaccine and its causal link to abortion.

I am deeply touched by the witness of a lady in the U.S. who writes:

“Today was my last day of packing up the remainder of my stuff. As I would not take the vaccine, I was told to leave last Friday. They called over and asked me to tidy up my desk and said that today would be my last day. My boss is hoping that I will cave in, get vaccinated, and come back. I am extremely sad.”

I am moved by the witness of this woman. I would say to her: “Today you pack your things from your place of work, and while you pack, your treasure is being transferred to the room that Jesus has already prepared for you in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

There are thousands and thousands of Catholics like her who have the courage to choose Christ and who will not throw a pinch of incense to Caesar, just like the very first Catholics of old.

I encourage all of you to hold fast to your conviction and to your faithfulness to Christ.

The sufferings and the losses that you will have to endure are tiny when compared to the
reward that God prepared for you in heaven.

“For I reckon that the sufferings of this time are not worthy to be compared with the glory to come, that shall be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18

I urge you to continue on this path that you have chosen of witnessing to the truth that unborn life is sacred and that the trafficking of fetal body parts is an evil industry that cries out to Almighty God for His justice!

As you seek His Kingdom, first and above all, believe that you will be provided for.

Jesus and Mary will open up new ways to provide for your families. I also exhort and encourage the lay faithful of means to step in and help your fellow Catholics to find new meaningful work.

My dear brothers and sisters, these are the prices that we knew we always had to pay to be faithful to Jesus Christ.

And now at this very hour the payment is being required and so we must pray that we will pass the test and be faithful to the Lord Jesus. I give all of you God’s abundant blessing!

+Athanasius Schneider
Auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan

Let us invoke Mary, especially during dangers of historical proportion

Tribulation Times

The Apparition of the Virgin Mary to St Bernard, 1486 by Fra Filippo Lippi (1457-1504);

public domain image from Wikimedia Commons.

September 12, 2021

(Luk 1:38) And Mary said: Behold the handmaid of the Lord: be it done to me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.

FATHER ERIC BANECKER:“We are a demoralized society: Public morality is held up as a negative, and the idea that there is a common moral code either does not exist or exists in a warped way. People are just sick and tired of being sick and tired. They are beaten down by the Twitter wars and the real wars and the disintegration of our society. We see this in the deaths of despair, the rising suicide rate, people struggling with addiction, and the lack of trust in institutions, including the Church. All this prevents people from moving forward to experience the abundance that God has offered us.”

VIDEOThe Reason the World is GOING BONKERS – Fr. Mark Goring, CC

A MOMENT WITH MARYLet us invoke Mary, especially during dangers of historical proportion

ALETEIA:  Why is the Holy Name of Mary celebrated on September 12?

BLOGThe Most Holy Name of Mary

Whosoever thou art that knowest thyself to be here not so much walking upon firm ground, as battered to and fro by the gales and storms of this life’s ocean, if thou wouldst not be overwhelmed by the tempest, keep thine eyes fixed upon this star’s clear shining. If the winds of temptation rise against thee, or thou run upon the rocks of trouble, look to the star, call on Mary. If thou art tossed by the waves of pride, or ambition, or slander, or envy, look to the star, call on Mary. If anger or avarice or the enticements of the flesh beat against thy soul’s barque, look to Mary. If the enormity of thy sins trouble thee, if the foulness of thy conscience confound thee, if the dread of judgment appall thee, if thou begin to slip into the deep of despondency, into the pit of despair, think of Mary.

In dangers, in difficulties, in doubts, think of Mary, call upon Mary. Let Her not be away from thy mouth or from thine heart, and that thou may obtain the succour of Her prayers, turn not aside from the example of Her conversation. If thou follow Her, thou wilt never go astray; if thou pray to Her, thou wilt never despair; if thou keep Her in mind, thou wilt never wander. If She hold thee, thou wilt never fall; if She lead thee, thou wilt never be weary; if She help thee, thou wilt reach home safe, and so prove in thyself how rightly it was said, “And the Virgin’s name was Mary.” (From the sermon of St Bernard of Clairvaux in the Office of the Most Holy Name of Mary.)


While honouring the Name of the Tota Pulchra, the Beautiful One, let us now pray the subsequent prayer which greatly honours the Name of Mary, accompanied by St Alphonsus de Liguori:

O great Mother of God and my Mother Mary, it is true that I am unworthy to name thee; but thou, who lovest me and desirest my salvation, must, notwithstanding the impurity of my tongue, grant that I may always invoke thy most holy and powerful name in my aid, for thy name is the succor of the living, and the salvation of the dying. Ah, most pure Mary, most sweet Mary, grant that henceforth thy name may be the breath of my life. O Lady, delay not to help me when I invoke thee, for in all the temptations which assail me, and in all my wants, I will never cease calling upon thee, and repeating again and again, Mary, Mary. Thus it is that I hope to act during my life, and more particularly at death, that after that last struggle I may eternally praise thy beloved name in heaven, O clement, O pious, O sweet Virgin Mary.

Ah, Mary, most amiable Mary, with what consolation, what sweetness, what confidence, what tenderness, is my soul penetrated in only naming, in only thinking of thee! I thank my Lord and God, who, for my good, has given thee a name so sweet and deserving of love, and at the same time so powerful. But, my sovereign Lady, I am not satisfied with only naming thee, I wish to name thee with love: I desire that my love may every hour remind me to call on thee, so that I may be able to exclaim with St. Bonaventure, “O name of the Mother of God, thou art my love.” My own dear Mary, O my beloved Jesus, may your most sweet names reign in my heart, and in all hearts. Grant that I may forget all others to remember, and always invoke, your adorable names alone. Ah! Jesus my Redeemer, and my Mother Mary, when the moment of death comes when I must breathe forth my soul and leave this worid, deign, through your merits, to grant that I may then pronounce my last words, and that they may be, “I love thee, O Jesus; I love thee, O Mary; to you do I give my heart and my soul.” Amen.
Thoughts and Sayings of Saint Margaret Mary: Union with God

12. We must keep control over all our senses by holy interior recollection, banishing all useless reflection and introspection; these only serve to disturb us and deprive our soul of that peace without which it will never be the sanctuary of God.

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 Letter #105, 2021, Friday, September 10: Vaccinations | ABYSSUS ABYSSUM INVOCAT / DEEP CALLS TO DEEP

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  The Antichrist has persuaded man that he can be happy only when he freely satisfies his instincts, eliminating the concept of good and evil, the concept of good and sin. Sin, as it were, is a burden, and the idea of getting rid of it once and for all has now become more than ever a real yearning. In the last century, the Antichrist convinced us that ‘God is dead,’ and then eliminated millions of human beings (through ideologies inspired by this belief). Today we have been banded together into a new ideology, to cancel man’s very nature. Methods may change, but the end is always the same: to prove to God that his favorite creature is the most idiotic being of creation.” —Agostino Nobile, Italian scholar, in a 2016 book he wrote on the Antichrist (link)        =================   

 Letter #105, 2021, Friday, September 9: Vaccinations: “The time for waiting is over” (President Joe Biden on Thursday, September 9, link)    

We all agree, I think, that the last 18 months have presented us with one of the stranger spectacles of our lifetimes: a world masked and in lockdown (schools, churches, restaurants, universities, cruise ships, and on and on) due to what is evidently a protein sequence or an unusual virus containing “spike proteins” which, in turn, seem to cause, in addition to a fever and loss of the senses of smell and taste, a type of lung infection that makes it increasingly impossible to breathe, then kills the patient.    Still, the protein sequence, or virus, has acted somewhat mysteriously, causing many more deaths in some countries than in others, and, while infecting millions, killing only about one-third of one percent of the people it infects (99.7% of all infected do not die from the virus), and in the majority of cases those who have died have been the elderly and those with serious “co-morbidities,” for example, severe obesity, or a long history of prior lung and heart problems.    So a first takeaway in reflecting upon these 18 months is this: (1) more than 99+% of all human beings, in fact, seem to survive these odd (where did they come from?), microscopic spiked protein sequences (the virus, or viruses, and their various “mu” and “delta” variants) due to the good response of their own innate immune systems.    And a second takeaway, therefore, is: (2) the Number 1 thing to do to protect and preserve human health in these circumstances is to protect and strengthen the innate human immune system. (Indeed, according to an Israeli study, also published here in Science magazine on August 26, once the innate human immune system has fought off the disease, the person is 13 times “safer,” or 13 times more “immune,” than with the Pfizer vaccinations; the article was published on August 27, 2021. “It’s a textbook example of how natural immunity is really better than vaccination,” says Charlotte Thålin, a physician and immunology researcher at Danderyd Hospital and the Karolinska Institute who studies the immune responses to SARS-CoV-2. “To my knowledge, it’s the first time [this] has really been shown in the context of COVID-19.” link)    Yet, paradoxically, the global response to the disease, has been precisely the opposite.    Not the best choice, but the opposite of the best.    This seems, logically, either to be the result of ignorance or of profound ill will.    After closing churches, shutting down businesses, eliminating millions of jobs, preventing families from gathering together and helping one another, the choice has been this: to inject other chains of quite interesting but still very new and untested protein sequences into our bodies with the aim of augmenting the response of the human body to the spike virus proteins, but also (it seems) with the possible consequence of confusing or weakening the innate human immune system, so that in the end there is the danger of needing additional booster shots every few months (now occurring widely in Israel, where 70% of the population is fully vaccinated), or even a daily pill, so that the average human body’s immune system will never be strengthened to resist this and other diseases on its own, but only with the input of these products.    There has not been any concerted effort anywhere, except perhaps in Sweden (a country which never imposed drastic lockdown measures on its citizens, but does not have a dramatically more negative result than in most other countries), to ensure that all citizens receive, for example, several hours a day of walking in full sunlight (to provide the very best source of Vitamin D to their bodies, which is extremely health-giving)… not any effort to see that diet is improved and the best food is made available to all (for food is in fact a health-giving medicine, or a harm-dealing poison, as even Hippocrates knew)… nor any effort made to reduce stress, especially over one’s ability to earn a living, the chief worry of any mother or father with children (stress is the chief enemy, the chief destroyer, of a well-functioning immune system).    No, only an effort to vaccinate.    So a third takeaway is this: (3) the authorities did not choose to do what has obviously and always been throughout human history the best and most health-giving thing to do in facing a health crisis (strengthen immune systems, strengthen individual health in every way possible), but did choose to inject several different, still experimental (therefore inevitably risky, since no one can know all the possible side-effects) substances into billions of people. (See here and here for websites where negative side-effects are reported, link; and see here for a report on how vaccination did not stoop breakthrough infections).    Was this choice foolish, rather than wise? (Consider this report in Quanta magazine: “Vaccines Are Pushing Pathogens to Evolve” which suggest that employing vaccines so rapidly and without years of testing, rather than supporting and strengthening natural immune systems, may be worsening the pandemic in a tragic way.)    We will soon know.    But the choice has been and is certainly risky (despite all the repeated denials of risk).    The authorities have engaged in a colossal gamble with the health of billions.    And now US President Joe Biden is doubling down, ordering all who have not been vaccinated to receive the vaccination(s) or lose their jobs. (Here is a link to a New York Times article on Biden’s new policy, announced yesterday. And here is a link to former Vice President Mike Pence‘s denunciation of Biden’s action, though Pence himself has been vaccinated.)    The human race is being spun on a roulette wheel, supported by a chorus of non-scientific voices — the roulette wheel of the vaccinationists.    When the rolling roulette ball drops, with it fall on red… or black?    =======    Amid these musings, I was wondering what people in Italy are thinking about the vaccinations which are being prescribed for hundreds of millions worldwide.    I came across the following provocative article by Agostino Nobile entitled “But Why Do They Want Us All, All Vaccinated?”    It was posted on September 8 on Marco Tosatti’s Stilum curiae website.    “Agostino Nobile, married and father of two, is a professor of music history. Twenty-five years ago he decided to leave teaching to study non-Christian cultures and for 10 years lived in the Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist worlds, an experience that strengthened his Catholic faith. Nobile now lives in Portugal with his family, where he has devoted himself to studies that deepen his faith and where he has worked as a pianist and singer up to a year ago.” (link)    I found it interesting that Nobile cites articles from years ago, from a time before the present crisis connected with the Coronavirus, and cites people who are not “fringe” voices, but quite “centrist,” political leaders and reputable scientists. In other words, the people he cites do have a well thought out vision for the future that is, seemingly, well on it way to becoming a reality.    It is a future in which traditional humans will be “transcended” by being “inter-connected” with the global computer grid.    Our true transcendence, of course, has always been through the spirit, through Christ, through that “theosis” that Christ brings by communicating His being into our being, through His words, His eucharist, His very body, His spirit.    However, this ersatz “transcendence of man” (something “ersatz” is something that is an artificial and inferior substitute or imitation of the real thing) — which is no real transcendence at all, but rather a dependence — seems to have behind it the entire force of the present world’s ruling financial and political elites.        Here is his article.    ==============    Marco Tosatti    Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, last night Agostino Nobile wrote this reflection, which concerns us all, and which we are happy to share with you. Enjoy the reading.

    By Agostino Nobile    September 8, 2021    In 2010, I wrote an article, later reported in the collection of articles entitled “What Catholics need to know” published in 2015. I published an excerpt on the Stilum Curiae website on June 3, 2020, under the title “How they will convince us to implant the bio chip.”
    A few days ago, a friend sent me a video showing very short film clips dealing with the subject of the vaccines and the new 5G technology. Among the many videos on the subject, this video has the advantage of having gathered a short sequence of statements made by characters above any suspicion of being conspiracy theorists. I saved the video which, as expected, was soon canceled and made unavailable. Therefore, when possible, in this article I refer to the full interviews and interventions from which these video clips were drawn.
    Vittorio Colao minister for technological innovation and digital transition of the (Mario) Draghi government [of Italy], says, (see here) that with 5G we will have much more speed, more or less under 8/9 milliseconds [NoteWhat this 8 or 9 milliseconds refers to is not clear, but the point is, the 5G technology is blazing fast in transmitting data] “and one can do everything remotely almost instantly.” Among other facilities there is also that of “perhaps injecting or releasing a medical substance necessary for health conditions.” [Note: Evidently Colao is saying that, a signal may be sent from outside the body to a receiver inside the body to inject a medicine inside the body in some specific place, at almost instantaneous speed.]
    But how can substances be released remotely? Roberto Cingolani, currently Italy’s Minister of Ecological Transition, explains it to us. “Can we make a robot that works inside the human body?” asks Cingolani. We have “a merging of therapy (treatment) and diagnostics (diagnosis), a very small, intelligent object, capable of traveling in the human body, capable of finding the diseased cell and of stopping just above it and of releasing the medicine we need there, or even of transcribing the correction, the genetic sequence we want to transcribe […]” These very small objects are magnetic particles “which are also fluorescent.” These tiny particles (“quantum cubes”) “can raise the temperature beyond 50 degrees Celsius. [Note: about 122 degrees Fahrenheit]. There is no cell that can withstand this temperature for obvious reasons, so they are extremely small local burners [Note: that is, they can burn specific cells to death].”
    What could happen with these tiny “burners”?    Professor Alessia D’Arrigo, after the first dose of vaccine, noted a rise in inflammation “like so many cigarette lighters” throughout her body and after five months she finds herself in the same condition, to which severe headaches have been added, risking a thrombosis. See hereThe vax testimony of Alessia Darrigo, high school teacher. [Note: She was vaccinated on March 9 and gave an interview on what was her reaction in June, 2021]. Listening to Ms. D’Arrigo it is difficult not to think of the quantum cubes mentioned by Cingolani.
    Nanotechnology for therapeutic purposes is undoubtedly a great discovery [Note: so the author is saying that this technology does seem to have amazing potential for performing a positive medical service], but as we know, if it is true that the knife is a tool that we can no longer do without, it is equally true that it has been and will be used to cut the throat of others. But what else can be done with nano-robots? Let’s hear from the most interesting and visionary billionaire on the planet, Elon Musk. [Note: The multi-billionaire founder of Tesla Motors.]
    The chip in the brain. “We are already cyborgs,” Musk says in a 2016 interview [Note: a cyborg is a mixture of a mechanical and a natural organism, see here]. “We practically have superpowers already thanks to computers and smartphones. But to truly unite in a symbiotic way with artificial intelligence you need an interface with the brain. A direct link between brain and computer.” The interviewer asks: “But is it something that requires surgery?”
    “No, you can inject it into the veins through the blood or directly into the jugular. From there it quickly reaches the neurons.” (We are already cyborgs | Elon Musk | Code Conference 2016.)
    Too visionary? By no means! Hundreds of scientists have been working on it for years, even in Italy. Among other things, this transhuman technology is discussed, as I have written, at Davos and by numerous billionaires.
    Later in the video made up of the various brief clips is an interview with Professor Stefano Panzeri, Senior Researcher in the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, where he deals with nanotechnology especially for therapeutic purposes. Among his comments about nanotechnology, he states that it is a tool that can be used “to manipulate the cognitive abilities of the person.” A fact which is confirmed by all nanotechnology researchers.
    We come to us. Although the Israeli, British and US authorities have made it clear that vaccinated people can still become infected and in turn infect others, Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi perseveres on the path of vaccination with aberrant coercive methods. And given that he continues to deny the drugs with which thousands of Covid-19 patients have already been treated, we should ask ourselves if this serum does not already contain some of the quantum cubes.
    Why are all doctors who treat Covid with already existing drugs being ostracized?    Why do national newspapers and TV networks demonize them?    Why is there no mention in the media about people having their lives destroyed because of the vaccine?    Why isn’t it admitted that thousands of deaths around the world are caused by vaccines?    Why don’t we talk about the demonstrations in many cities of the planet against the vaccine and the Covid Pass?
    (Note: Nobile rhetorically then asks the Italian authorities to explain their harsh lockdown policies)    Are you sure the problem is a virus? Or maybe you plan to implement a program that will make humans into zombies?
    Where are the police, the magistrates, the honest journalists? Inquire, doubt. Why have you never tried to see what anyone can find on internet sites? TV and mainstream newspapers are not Delphic oracles, they are the same ones who spread the lies against Saddam Hussein accusing him of being in possession of biological weapons. A fake that caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, catastrophes in Muslim countries and terrorism in the world. Do not conform to those who will destroy your life, that of your children and grandchildren. You are paid by the people to defend the people, if you do not do it you will be held primarily responsible.
    However, this horror will fail, because it was conceived and implemented by a group of unintelligent billionaires, devoid of human depth, devoid of culture and, we may say, evil, because they aim to cancel free will to enslave billions of people. We are facing the most macabre and perverse corrupters in Western history.
    As in all totalitarianisms, the number of contradictions are increasing every day. At the end of the tunnel, we will see trials that will punish those responsible. (…)
    —Agostino Nobile


AMERICA/VENEZUELA – Our Lady of Coromoto shows us that salvation is not only for some, but for all, without distinction of race or origin
Guanare (Agenzia Fides) – For the first time in the last 20 years, on the feast day of the Virgin of Coromoto, September 8, national and international media coverage of this celebration was carried out, with journalists sent to Guanare by Televen, Television Nacional , Familia TV, Latin Television, Portuguese regional television, Venezuelan radio and digital media.
Carried on the shoulders by a representative of the Cospes Tribe, the Sacred Image of Our Lady of Coromoto entered the National Shrine for the solemn Mass celebrated on the occasion of the 369th anniversary of its apparition in Guanare, which was presided over by Monsignor José de La Trinidad Valera Angulo, Bishop of Guanare, concelebrated by the local presbytery, by priests of the Archdiocese of Caracas, Maracaibo, who accompanied the relic of the first Venezuelan lay Blessed, Dr. José Gregorio Hernández.
Despite the pandemic, but according to tradition, from the early hours of the day, pilgrims, cyclists, motorcyclists, marathon runners and runners arrived from different parts of the country to celebrate the last appearance of the “Beautiful Lady” to the Chief of the Cospes Tribe and to his family, on the night of September 8, 1652. The natives of the Cospes Tribe, settled in the Parish of San José de Tostó in the state of Trujillo, were present at the Mass.
During the homily, Monsignor Valera highlighted “the figure of Mary presented in the Gospel: the beautiful and holy woman of high ideals who knew how to listen to the voice of God”. He urged all people to work for the brotherhood of Venezuelans, for the diversity of thoughts but in unity of action, so that Venezuela is a country of peace and freedom. “Today the Virgin communicates with us to give us hope. It is not magic, but a great opportunity that God, through her, offers to all his children to get out of all the difficulties we are experiencing”, he said.
The note sent to Fides by the Bishops’ Conference of Venezuela underlines the preparation that took place in the previous days in all the dioceses and parishes. Celebrating the 369th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady to the native leader and his family, means remembering how to obtain the grace of salvation, the note continues. Speaking in their language, the “Beautiful Lady”, as described by the aborigines, asked him to receive the sacrament of baptism, saying, “Go to the house of white people and ask them to pour water on your head so you can go to heaven”. This is what makes Our Lady of Coromoto the patroness of faith, as she shows that salvation is not only for some, but for all humanity, without distinction of race or origin, looking only at the heart that recognizes itself in need of God, concludes the note.
Although the local Church had remembered the anti Covid protocols in force and the possibility of following the celebration through social networks, many showed up to honor their Patroness, as reported by Father Allender Hernandez, rector of the Basilica Menor Santuario Nacional. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 10/09/2021)

Read more about Our Lady of Coromoto here:,-lady-(venezuela)-en.html

Today is the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
At the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the new Eve enters the world. We give glory to God this day in celebrating the perfect humility and love of Mary, his masterpiece of grace and the Ark of the New Covenant. 
The Virgin (1834), Pierre-Claude-François Delorme (1783-1859), Château de Compiègne, Chapel, France. © Dist. RMN-GP / Michel Urtado.
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Source: Today is the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Bishop Schneider Interview

Interview with Bishop Schneider: COVID rules may be ‘a kind of prefiguration’ of the mark of the Beast

As a former citizen of a communist country, the bishop is very much opposed to the ‘sanitary dictatorship’ that is being set up in so many countries under the pretense of fighting COVID-19.
Featured Image


Paris, FRANCE (LifeSiteNews) — Bishop Athanasius Schneider is certainly the most outspoken bishop on the subject of abortion-tainted vaccines, but as a former citizen of a communist country – having lived as a child in a member state of the Soviet Union – he is also very much opposed to the “sanitary dictatorship” that is being set up in so many countries under the pretense of fighting COVID-19. As France is sliding into an increasingly totalitarian system where COVID “vaccination” will be compulsory as of September 15, and where both the public and employees are being forced to exhibit a “sanitary pass” for many ordinary acts of life, Bishop Schneider answered LifeSite’s questions about the eschatological dimension of these unprecedented requirements.

“I do not say this is the direct sign of Beast, to be clear, but it could be already in part a prefiguration of this sign,” he answered, repeating several times that the measures being imposed are in a way making the state the “owner” of your body.

If the government has absolute power to force you, and to say how your body should be, then you have lost you last privacy because your body belongs to you,” he said.

Bishop Schneider made very clear that we are under a double obligation to resist these developments: conscientious objection against the use of abortion-tainted vaccines must go together with practical resistance, for instance by creating networks that allow people to buy and sell, and also travel, without needing to obtain a sanitary pass.

“We have already now to seek all the practical possibilities to avoid this new forced dictatorship over our body and our freedom. If we do not do this, there will be a totalitarianism that will be complete, and this will be the end of every human society,” he said, more than once using the word “slavery” to describe the consequences of the measures being forced on French citizens.

But Bishop Schneider’s message is anything but pessimistic. Seen from the point of view of eternity, the present situation will be “to the benefit of the good of souls,” he underscored, recalling that all that God permits ultimately contributes to His greater glory.

Nor does Bishop Schneider believe that transhumanism will be allowed to prosper up to the point where a new kind of man would be created by the powers of science: “God will not permit it.”

Finally, he encouraged all the faithful to place themselves under the protection of the Virgin Mary, who has all powers of intercession on our behalf.

Here below is the full transcript of Bishop Schneider’s recorded video interview with LifeSite.

LifeSiteNews: The French government has introduced mandatory vaccination for the health professions and all those who work with sick people or the elderly. This ranges from firemen to home care assistants. There is a very strong mobilization against this “vaccine” mandate. For other people, the government has set up a sanitary pass; unvaccinated people can get one that is only valid for 72 hours after testing negative for COVID-19. This is in fact designed to prevent them from living a normal life, since without this test, which would have to be repeated every three days, they cannot access large shopping centres, cafés, restaurants, a large number of hotels, concerts, cinemas, etc. Fortunately, churches are excluded from this scheme, but visiting a person who is in hospital is prohibited, as is access to hospital for non-urgent care. With this QR code requirement, the unvaccinated person is effectively made an outcast, threatened with very heavy fines for any breach of the law. What do you think of this type of scheme?

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: I think this goes fundamentally against human rights and human dignity because, as you mentioned, two classes of people will be established in society, and those who are not vaccinated are in fact becoming a kind of person who has almost no equal rights compared with the others. This means they become a kind of slave  because they have no rights: substantially, they have no freedom. I consider this to be very dangerous – this establishing of a two-class society. As I said, this is fundamentally contrary to human rights and human dignity: we are returning to societies of totalitarianism. We have known totalitarian systems where a special kind of people for various reasons, or for racial reasons, were marked by an exterior sign, and did not have the same civil rights as the others.

So this is a really dangerous phenomenon. We are now approaching it under the pretext, of course, of sanitary measures and health care. This is only a pretext because there is no certain proof that the vaccination is really effective to prevent COVID contamination. There are even proven cases – this is not some conspiracy theory – of people whose names are known, who got the virus even after receiving COVID vaccination; they were tested positive and in some cases, people’s health conditions even got worse. Because we have those cases already, it should be a sign that this vaccination cannot be an absolute demand; therefore, we have to protest against these evident violations of fundamental rights and even against these violations of evidence which exist. When our society is turning into a place where evidence is simply denied, this is a sign that we are in a dictatorship because only a dictatorial political system denies evident facts in order to promote its program. It is clear that there is a program to vaccinate all the people in order to achieve a concrete political, social, or ideological objective.

LSN: The Spanish Constitutional Court has recently decided that a theoretical vaccine, even in the case of a major epidemic, cannot be considered constitutional.

Bp. Schn.: That at least is good news: that no one can be forced by a government to be vaccinated. A similar decision was made by the European Council. This is already a good sign because if the government has absolute power to force you, and to say how your body should be, then you have lost your last privacy because your body belongs to you. With this forced vaccination, the government is, not in theory but de facto, declaring that it is the government that will become the owner of your body. For me, this is the ultimate expression of extreme communism because communism aims to say that all belongs to the state, such as the means of production and so on – education, family, all is common. But now even the body, your own body, is becoming the property of the state.

The communists were already beginning to [confiscate] parents’ own children, in order to take them to education camps, when parents did not obey state ideology. These parents were deprived of their children! Now some Western European countries are doing the same, taking away children from the family when they oppose gender ideology education in schools. Now we are witnessing something similar with de facto forced vaccination. When you have to have these green passes by being tested every third day; this is a practical, very cunning, and cynical violation aimed at forcing people to receive vaccination. I ask myself: now that the European Council and the Spanish court have issued that decision saying that the state does not have the right to force someone to be vaccinated, will the governments apply these decisions? Who will have the power to give us the guarantee that these decisions will be applied? But at least it is a beginning and a good step.

LSN: In France there are already 11 mandatory vaccinations for children under 2 years old including the Rubella vaccine which is often abortion-tainted. However, these are not associated with a pass or a QR code. Do you think that with the imposition of a QR code we are entering into something different?

Bp. Schn.: Of course, because you are completely controlled. You have no more freedom, even regarding the privacy of your body. Information about your body is in this code so, yes, it’s a substantial difference, and therefore we have to protest against this code that will affect the privacy of the body.

LSN: You have spoken out strongly against the use of fetal cells obtained through abortion for the development, production, and testing of COVID vaccines. As we all know, many experts in moral theology have explained that for the individual who would use these vaccines, this would be a mere remote cooperation with evil, and that, in view of the issues at stake, we can accept this injection. You have already addressed these questions in substance many times; you have explained your thoughts and opinions. I would like to ask you today if you do not think that these leaders are depriving Catholics of the support of the Church with regard to their right – not to say their duty – of conscientious objection, which can even extend to refusal?

Bp. Schn.: This is evident because … the church authority says okay, you can take this vaccination because there is a moral theory which says this is a remote material cooperation. They tranquillize and calm consciences with this; by this they are substantially weakening any resistance which we must oppose.

We have to resist and protest against the horrible phenomenon in our society which is the so-called “fetal industry.” We must distinguish between two different industries that are of course intimately connected: the abortion industry itself which is horrible, and the other: the so-called fetal industry, the use of tissues of aborted babies and the marketing of the body parts of the aborted babies. Here they are being used for research or for the production of several medicines including vaccines. So the vaccines which were produced by using these cell lines, or tested on them, are a de facto part of the so-called fetal industry. This fetal industry needs to be distinguished from the abortion industry even if they are connected; but the fetal industry is closer to us, so when you are using the product, the vaccine is a direct product of the fetal industry. So we are no longer remote to this fetal industry, and it is a very grave immorality to participate with full knowledge and full freedom in this horrible phenomenon of our society. For a Catholic, the fetal industry is immoral and very grave because we are de facto collaborating with it, and especially committing a great sin of omission, in failing to protest clearly and strongly, at least against the use of cell lines in the fetal industry and in vaccination.

Therefore, it is a great irresponsibility of the Church, even of the Vatican and of theologians who tranquilize and calm the conscience of the people, and who in this way are paralyzing the resistance. This is serious.

I have to add another phenomenon. I recently spoke with a woman who has converted deeply to God. In her past life, she committed abortions, and after converting to God she recognized all the horrors of abortion. I spoke with her about abortion-tainted vaccinations, and she said to me that she could better understand this horrible situation of abortion-tainted products and medicines than I, or than any woman who has never experienced an abortion. She told me: “I can say that all that is connected to abortion in medicines and in their production is so horrible for me because I was so deeply wounded by the fact of abortion.” She told me she can never accept any medicine or product or vaccination which is linked in some way to the … assassination of a child.

LSN: I meet many people now who, for various reasons, are absolutely opposed to the vaccine, but who risk losing their jobs, their families’ livelihoods, if they do not take it. They say: my duties of state are to ensure the survival of my family, and I cannot do otherwise than to receive this vaccine, even if I am totally opposed to it. Added to this is the fact that many medicines and other vaccines that everyone in France has received are already affected by this. What would you tell them?

Bp. Schn.: For other vaccines and medicines that are contaminated with abortion, we have to have the proof: the pharmaceutical companies have to give the proof that this medicine was tainted or tested. As to the currently famous anti-COVID vaccines such as Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, [and] Sputnik, the pharmaceutical industry has acknowledged this. For other medicines we have as yet no public acknowledgment, so we can use them because we have no proofs. But we should ask this about every medicine. From the moment I receive from the pharmaceutical company the proof that a medicine is tainted with abortion, I have the obligation not to use it and to use another medicine. We must choose good companies and doctors who can provide us with an alternative medicine that is not tainted with abortion, or at least a natural medicine that God gave us – and maybe this will be more helpful for us.

The second point is more difficult, involving people who know they will lose their job – especially parents who have to provide for their families. This is, of course, a very difficult question. But at least they should do all that is possible to avoid receiving such a vaccine. They can make a conscientious objection; perhaps they can even obtain a document from their doctor who will say that for a medical reason this person cannot receive a vaccination – because there is some allergy, for example. In such a case, they have to try to find all the possible means to avoid this, or even change jobs, even if this will leave them poorer. They have to choose this and not a vaccine because of this close support of the fetal industry – not of the abortionists but of the fetal industry.

I think that God will reward these people with many spiritual gifts if they choose to live a poorer life rather than to co-operate with the fetal industry. Surely they will not die from starvation, God will never permit it! This was our experience in communist times. My parents did not collaborate with the Communist Party, for example; therefore, my parents could not have a profession, this was not allowed. And so they were simple workers, they had a low salary, and we lived in a really simple way. But God did not abandon us; we were happy in our faith and this gave us riches for all our life – even when the others who had accepted the conditions of the Communist Party had better living conditions than we did, and than other people, Christians, for example. And so I think we have to give again the primacy to the eternal life which we have so largely forgotten in recent decades. Even in the Church, even the good Catholics, we were invaded by a kind of materialism because we were so very  attached to the material life and giving it primacy over the eternal and the spiritual.So this is a principle: I would say change work, and even if I have to do a simple job like cleaning the streets, I will still have some means to sustain my family, but in a poorer way. This is a decision of conscience, I think, but God will reward these people, of course, and it will be a sign of protest, and a witness that we are not collaborating with the horrible fetal industry.

LSN: What is your response to those who say that such measures, the sanitary pass, for example, and widespread vaccination, are absolutely essential so that we all together can recover public liberties, and that to refuse them is to show selfishness? We are hearing this a lot: people who don’t want the vaccine are being called egoists.

Bp. Schn.: No, this is not egoism. If you get the vaccine, you will only find apparent freedom because this so-called sanitary pass is transforming you into a slave, because with this pass your body will belong to the state and no longer to you, in some way, with these codes and so on, and that is how you are losing your freedom. How can you call it egoism when it is not proven that the vaccine protects from contamination of the virus? It’s not proven that when you have received the vaccine that you cannot develop or transmit COVID. We conserve more freedom when we do not receive it.

LSN: Is this QR code an attempt to impose the mark of the beast of which the Apocalypse speaks, or a sort of prefiguration of it, insofar as the non-vaccinated risk finding themselves the victims of a kind of confinement, which for many will make it impossible to earn a living or to pursue their studies?

Bp. Schn.: We can say that this is perhaps already a kind of prefiguration of the mark of the Beast. Maybe I would not say myself, directly, that this is already the mark of the Beast. I have not yet all the elements to say this, but at least we can say it is a kind of prefiguration because the Apocalypse says you cannot buy or sell if you have not the mark in your hand, on your body. It is very close when people who are not marked in their body with the vaccine – this is a mark – cannot enter certain shops or supermarkets: they cannot enter, they cannot buy or sell there, and this is literally already being carried out.

I think we have to be prepared to be excluded. Perhaps alternative systems can be established: for example, those who are against vaccination can perhaps make a new chain of exchange, the private exchange of products in a smaller manner, with small shops that are not submitted to the pass, or in the open air, or private chains of exchange of produce. I think it is possible to establish this. In France there are large protests against forced vaccination: I think these protests could lead to new mutual systems of buying and selling products that people need because so many people are involved.  Hopefully in other places and in other countries such systems of selling products can be created.

We have to find alternatives; it is very important even for the buying and selling of products. When we are excluded from public transport, like trains, buses, and so on, we can create a system to travel with private cars. We must already seek all the practical possibilities to avoid this new forced dictatorship over our body and our freedom. If we do not do this, there will be a totalitarianism that will be complete, and this will be the end of every human society.

I appeal even to nonbelievers, all people of good will: please already start to plan alternative systems, in transportation, in buying and selling products, maybe for studying also, by having private study centers. We have to develop these at least theoretically and then practically, with all these good people who are demonstrating: how to survive. We have to make a world alliance of protest and alternatives; if we do not, we will have a complete totalitarian system. And this we have to avoid.

LSN: Can the QR code used to prove vaccine status already be in itself considered as a form of the mark of the Beast?

Bp. Schn.: Yes. This code will contain all your private information about your health that is already under control of the state. This code is linked, as I understand it, to the vaccine. The vaccination contains at least some “footprints” of abortion, even if they are very far from the horrible assassination of children which is already in itself a satanic act. The using of their bodies, of their tissues, is also in se satanic because it is a revolt against God, the Giver of life. In this case the abortion-tainted vaccines have some satanic footprints, even though they be remote, of the Beast. So the vaccine, with its corresponding code number, is a prefiguration of the sign of the Beast. I do not say this is the direct sign of Beast, to be clear, but it could be already in part a prefiguration of this sign and therefore we have to avoid this also. This code is immoral in some way as, I repeat, the government is completely taking possession of your body.

LSN: In your opinion, is it in theory permissible to find ways of circumventing the law in order to escape its harshness, for example, by means of a false certificate? I would not encourage people to do so because of the heavy fines involved.

Bp. Schn.: The de facto compulsory vaccine is an abuse of power on the part of the government; that is in itself immoral. By it, I repeat, the government is becoming the owner of your body and your privacy, and this is against fundamental rights. God ordered the structure of society which government has not the power to do. The intrinsically evil law of forced vaccination which is in some way connected or tainted with abortion and the fetal industry is immoral. Because it is a forced act, I think you can in this way present even a fake document.

I would compare this situation with the immoral laws when some totalitarian governments issued immoral orders against the Jews. We know that Pope Pius XII and the bishops, when the Jews were persecuted by the Nazis, permitted the use of fake documents to protect the Jews. It was allowed because the laws against the Jews were intrinsically immoral.

It would be a kind of self-defense: you defend yourself your body and your privacy from an aggressor who is [oppressing] you. In the same way you can defend your child or your family against an aggressor who would kill your children or take them into slavery. For example, when you are a mother and you have children in your house and evil people arrive who want to steal your children to put them into slavery: if they ask you if your children are there, surely as a mother you will say “no,” because you have to protect them. Telling them: “Yes, they are here, I will open the door and show you where they are” would be crazy if you were a mother. You say, “No, they are not here.” You will say an untruth, but because it is intrinsically evil to take your children into slavery. When there are no other ways, it is the last means of self-protection against the aggression of the state.

LSN: What would be the precise responsibility of an elected politician who votes for such measures? In France they obtained a positive vote of the Assembly and the Senate; each time, a large proportion of the parliamentarians were missing, they were absent. The law was adopted with very few voters. In your opinion, what is the responsibility of these elected officials who voted for these laws or who were not there to vote against them; or the responsibility of the policeman or the gendarme who is in charge of the implementation of these laws?

Bp. Schn.: The members of parliament have full responsibility, I think, because they are representing and are elected for the common good of the citizens. When they abstain or vote in favor of these dictatorial, totalitarian laws to control you completely, to disown you or your own body with this compulsory vaccination, they are committing evil because they are collaborating in making you slaves of the state, in making your body become a property of the state. It’s immoral to collaborate in making such laws, and also to abstain. As for the policeman who implements this, he has a lesser responsibility because he is only fulfilling the orders of the state. Maybe he is not even personally convinced, but he will be forced, so it is not so much his own responsibility as the fact that he is executing an unjust law. In some cases I think the police, as responsible citizens, can find some way to protect you, maybe not to be severe, for example, in checks and so on while formally obeying the law. In all dictatorships, even in Nazi camps, there are policemen who find a way to protect the people.

LSN: What is your spiritual advice for Catholics who are worried? I see many who are very afraid now of the situation that is arising. What would you tell them to do?

Bp. Schn.: First, I would give them the word of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospel. He says, Do not fear those who kill your body, but fear those who will take your soul, or damage your soul. We must not fear the government; we have to give the primacy to our soul, to our spiritual life, to the life of prayer with the sacraments, and thus we should be deeply rooted in our prayer every day. We must be rooted in our faith, in our conviction that our life is ultimately in the hands of God and not in the hands of the government, even in a dictatorship, even in a totalitarian system! Our life is ultimately in the hands of God who is our heavenly Father. He is our Father even when we are, in certain periods of time, in distress and persecuted and humiliated as with this forced vaccination. This is a relatively short time, so we have to look wider and further because God permits this ultimately only for the benefit of our soul. Saint Paul says all will contribute to the greater benefit of those who love God, all things will contribute to the benefit of a greater good for those who love God. If we are rooted in our faith, in the trust of the Providence of our heavenly Father, knowing that our life is in His hands, this should give us confidence. We know the current sanitary COVID dictatorship, this totalitarianism is short, it is relatively short, it is not eternity! History has always shown that dictatorships did not last so long, and God will even show to these new “sanitary dictators” that their power is limited. We have to believe that God will intervene in history.

We must also concentrate deeply on the fact that maybe this is an appeal of God for us to go deeper in our prayer lives. We have to deepen our sacramental life with more regular confession, more regular Communion, and prayers. Maybe we should be more united with all those who are opposing this dictatorship, to make a chain. Maybe these difficult times are an opportunity to confess God, to be faithful to Him. But God is so good that He always gives the necessary graces, and He rewards us in difficult times and gives us His consolations. This is my counsel and my advice.

LSN: It appears to us that there is a will to take over the human body, a transhumanist plan that is being put in place, and even carried out. Is it conceivable that God would allow mankind to fall – for most people unwillingly – into something so contrary to His will for mankind?

Bp. Schn.: I think not because God reserves to Himself His divine powers of creation, and so there will not be a substantially new human being as transhumanists want to create. They will not succeed: God will not permit it. He is the Lord; we have to believe this. They will perhaps produce some things, but it will not be a human being, never, because God creates the soul which is the essential part of the human being. I repeat: I do not believe that God will permit this. His are the powers of the Creator, and they are reserved to Him. If they continue with these horrible things that blaspheme God, there will come the end of times as we read in the Apocalypse and the Judgment. And for us Jesus said: When this time comes, lift up your head because your salvation is close, lift up your head in confidence, your salvation is close! Once again, we must take this situation as an opportunity to deepen our faith, our prayer, and to be more rooted in the vision of eternal life, to be more supernaturally orientated to our eternal life because we are living here in the valley of tears, as we sing in the Salve Regina: hac lacrimarum valle. This is our situation, but there is also the deep joy that we have a Mother. She never abandons us, and she is always close to us. This is my advice, that never will she abandon us, she is the intercessional omnipotens, the omnipotens of intercession for us. She will take care of us; always, we have to flee under her mantle. Especially in these times, we must pray: Sub tuum praesidium confugimus, Sancta Dei Genitrix: we will flee under her protection.




AFRICA/NIGERIA – 73 school pupils kidnapped

AFRICA/NIGERIA – 73 school pupils kidnapped; the Bishops: “Too many kidnappings of children. We risk a traumatized generation of young people”
Abuja (Agenzia Fides) – “The abductions of school children present us with the prospects of a traumatized generation of young people”. The words of the Bishops of Nigeria resound as a grave warning after the kidnapping, yesterday September 1st, of 73 pupils from the day secondary school in the village of Kaya, in the State of Zamfara in the north-west of the Country.
The news of yet another kidnapping comes a few days after the release of three other groups of hostages who were kidnapped in the federal State of Niger in northern Nigeria in May, apparently after the payment of a ransom. Since December, more than 1,000 students have been kidnapped from schools in northern Nigeria.
An intolerable situation according to the Bishops, who in the declaration published at the end of their second plenary meeting, denounce how in Nigeria “life has never been so cheap”. In addition to the scourge of the kidnappings of students and adults, including members of the clergy, the Bishops underline the widespread violence on the territory of the Nigerian federation. “Regrettably, except for the civil war, our nation has never witnessed the kind of widespread evil, wanton destruction and murderous bloodletting”. “Deaths in the hands of kidnappers, killer herdsmen, bandits, terrorist groups have made Nigeria one of the most terrorized countries in the world”, say the Bishops, who are calling upon the government to “take full responsibility for the present culture of violence”. Addressing the Catholic faithful, the Bishops underline that “as Christians, we are called to constantly hope in God who never fails. We, therefore, call on Nigerians to hope for a better Nigeria knowing full well that without hope we as a people cannot move forward”. “May the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of all consolation and Queen of Nigeria continue to intercede for our country”, they conclude. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides, 2/9/2021)

Your Daily Kolbe Quote 8/27/2021


Radiating the Immaculata
“‘Through the Immaculata to the Divine Heart of Jesus’: that is our watchword. ‘Through the Immaculata’: that is our essential feature, that is, as instruments in her hand…. We want to radiate the Immaculata to the point of being able to attract to her even the souls of others, indeed of all those who exist now, who will exist, and may exist in the future, without limitation.” (KW 1231)
Prayer of Consecration
O Immaculata, I renew my consecration to you. May I radiate your love so as to attract souls to the Divine Heart of Jesus.
Please intercede that …
St. Maximilian’s love and surrender may be for every MI member an incentive to a total and unconditional dedication to you. (August Intention)

Your Daily Kolbe Quote 8/26/2021


The Essence of Self-Oblation
“The essence of self-oblation to the Immaculata does not consist in thinking constantly of her, but in one’s will. Therefore, the soul employed in the conscientious fulfillment of its duty, will not cease to be the property of the Immaculata and even its thoughts, its words, its activities will not cease to belong to the Immaculata, although it may not be focused on her at that time.” (KW 1226)
Prayer of Consecration
O Immaculata, I renew my consecration to you. May I give of myself totally to you, both consciously and unconsciously.
Please intercede that …
St. Maximilian’s love and surrender may be for every MI member an incentive to a total and unconditional dedication to you. (August Intention)

Your Daily Kolbe Quote 8/25/2021


Total Property of Jesus through Mary
“Whoever joins the MI becomes that total property of the Immaculata. For that reason they become the property of Jesus, just as Mary is the property of Jesus, and the more perfectly they belong to her, the more perfectly they belong to Jesus; but always in her and through her, that is, in the easiest and most secure manner. Through Jesus, then, they become the property of God. Being of the Immaculata, then, is the essence of the MI.” (KW 1226)
Prayer of Consecration
O Immaculata, I renew my consecration to you. May I become your property so as to belong totally to Jesus.
Please intercede that …
St. Maximilian’s love and surrender may be for every MI member an incentive to a total and unconditional dedication to you. (August Intention)