MAY 27, 2016 – WEEK EIGHT – FRIDAY – THE FIG TREE – Flame of Love

(Mark 11:11 – 26)

Prayer: O Jesus, let me offer you the good fruit of my life.

Imagination: (Picture Jesus and the disciples looking at a withered fig tree.)

Context: On the day after Palm Sunday, Jesus returns to Jerusalem. On the way, he seeks figs from a tree. Finding none, Jesus proclaims that the tree will never bring forth fruit. The next day. Peter sees the fig tree all withered up. Jesus, then, speaks about confidence in prayer. Continue reading →

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RORATE CÆLI: De Mattei – Completeness or not of Fatima message is beside the point: what matters is that what is known is unfolding

Church Crisis in light of the Fatima secret

The centenary year of Fatima was opened on Pentecost Sunday to news that caused quite a sensation.

The German theologian Ingo Dollinger revealed to the “OnePeterFive” site that after the publication of the Third Secret of Fatima, Cardinal Ratzinger had confided to him: “Das ist noch nicht alles!”, “We didn’t publish everything”. TheVatican Press Office intervened with an immediate denial in which it stated: “ Pope emeritus Benedict XVI declares never to have spoken with Professor Dollinger about Fatima’, clearly affirming that the remarks attributed to Professor Dollinger on the matter ‘are pure inventions, absolutely untrue’, and he confirms decisively that ‘the publication of the Third Secret of Fatima is complete.”

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Source: RORATE CÆLI: De Mattei – Completeness or not of Fatima message is beside the point: what matters is that what is known is unfolding


(Mark 10:46-52)

Prayer: O Jesus, let me cry out to you in great hope.

Imagination: (Picture Jesus with the crowd and a beggar by the roadside.)

Context: This journey to Jerusalem began with Jesus healing a blind man and culminates with this healing of blindness. In contrast, the disciples grow in their blindness about Jesus’ death in Jerusalem. They do not grasp his predictions of his passion. This blind man saw and followed Jesus to Jerusalem. Continue reading →

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“Amoris Laetitia” Has a Ghostwriter. His Name Is Víctor Manuel Fernández

Startling resemblances between the key passages of the exhortation by Pope Francis and two texts from ten years ago by his main adviser. A double synod for a solution that had already been written

by Sandro Magister

ROME, May 25, 2016 – They are the key paragraphs of the post-synodal exhortation “Amoris Laetitia.” And they are also the most intentionally ambiguous, as proven by the multiple and contrasting interpretations and practical applications that they immediately received.

They are the paragraphs of chapter eight that in point of fact give the go-ahead for communion for the divorced and remarried.

That this is where Pope Francis would like to arrive is by now evident to all. And besides, he was already doing it when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires.

But now it is being discovered that some key formulations of “Amoris Laetitia” also have an Argentine prehistory, based as they are on a pair of articles from 2005 and 2006 by Víctor Manuel Fernández, already back then and even more today a thinker of reference for Pope Francis and the ghostwriter of his major texts.

Further below some passages of “Amoris Laetitia” are compared with selections from those two articles by Fernández. The resemblance between the two is very strong.

But first it is helpful to get the broad picture.

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Source: “Amoris Laetitia” Has a Ghostwriter. His Name Is Víctor Manuel Fernández


(Mark 10:35-40)

Prayer – Come, Holy Spirit. Reveal the glory you have prepared.

Imagination – (Picture James and John seeking favors from Jesus.)

Context: Jesus has just told the apostles about his future sufferings. James and John, however, are only interested in their own glory. Jesus talks about the “cup”, which means both the cup of his suffering and the Eucharistic cup celebrated in Mark’s church. Before gaining any glory, Jesus must drink this cup of suffering. Continue reading →


A Catholic Priest Walked into Target Today… By Fr. John Lankeit:

Though I have already signed and FULLY support the American Family Association (AFA) boycott of Target for putting kids (especially little girls) at risk of sexual predators in Target bathrooms, I also took an additional step suggested by an article I read recently on the Target policy.

Fr. John Lankeit takes the Target boycott one step farther.

The article suggested going into your local Target store, asking for the manager and respectfully expressing one’s deep concern and disappointment in the corporate policy. As a Catholic priest and a pastor of a parish with thousands of parishioners and with a TV Mass that reaches many thousands more, I wanted the manager to know that I was not coming in as an isolated individual but on behalf of many Catholics who aren’t going to sit on the sidelines for this one.

So, I met with Joseph, the on-duty store manager, introduced myself and handed him my business card (“God card”). I told him that as an individual, I regularly shopped at this particular store for everything from socks (black of course!) to toiletries to the best orange cranberry nut muffins on the planet. I then explained I have a parish with thousands of parishioners, many of whom, if they take their relationship with Jesus seriously, intend to find alternatives to Target. I “targeted” the corporate policy (instead of saying “you”–as in “you, Joseph”) that puts little girls in danger because any man can, under the “guise” of this policy, hide behind the euphemism “gender” and go into a girls bathroom with impunity.

To put a finer point on the whole conversation I said, “If any organization has learned the hard way the importance of protecting children, it’s the Catholic Church. So you can imagine, this troubling policy hits very close to home for me.”

I think, if anything got his attention, it was THAT comment because it showed a willingness on my “organization’s” part to face reality when grave evil entered into the picture and children were deeply hurt and damaged.

I did not do this today because I have a lot of hope that it will change Target’s policy–that’s what the online petition aims at. I did it because planting the seeds of Truth is not optional for a Catholic–and this conversation with Joseph may have opened HIS mind and heart enough to make him rethink his personal “policy” on the consequences of looking the other way in the face of very evil and immoral activities in our culture…which always, ultimately, damage children the most.

If you REALLY care about this issue, please go in and talk to the manager and your local Target store–RESPECTFULLY and without any “vibe” that makes them feel attacked, personally.

It’s not about changing corporate policy as much as changing the heart of the person in front of you.

I think Jesus would consider this approach to be…”on Target”!




(Mark 10:28-31)

Prayer – O Jesus, teach me to set aside everything for love of you.

Imagination: (Picture Jesus instructing his apostles.)

Context: A young man has walked away from Jesus because he was rich. In contrast, Peter is a model disciple who has set all aside. Jesus spells out the rewards, in this life and in eternity.

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