Gunmen Kidnapped Two Priests, Father Peter Udo & Philemon Oboh In Edo, Nigeria 

Father Peter Udo & Philemon Oboh

Abuja (Agenzia Fides) – Two other priests have been kidnapped in Nigeria. They are Fr. Peter Udo, from St. Patrick’s Parish, Uromi, and Fr. Philemon Oboh, from St. Joseph’s Retreat Center, Ugboha, Esan Local Government Area, Edo State, Southern Nigeria.
According to the Edo State Police, the two priests were abducted on July 2 and taken to an unknown location by kidnappers who blocked their car on the Benin-Auchi highway between the communities of Ehor and Iruekpen. The two priests were returning from Benin City when their car was blocked by the bandits, who allegedly fired shots into the air to force the car to stop. Police say they have sent officers to the area “to carry out an aggressive and well-coordinated manhunt” of the kidnappers and to free the two priests. Just a week ago, in the state of Edo, another priest, Father Christopher Odia Ogedegbe, was killed in an attempted kidnapping on Sunday June 26, when he was on his way to celebrate mass in Auchi (see Fides, 27/6/2022).
Another Catholic priest, Fr. Vitus Borogo, was killed on June 25 on his farm in Kaduna, in northwestern Nigeria. At his funeral, 700 priests peacefully protested demanding greater security for themselves and for all Nigerian citizens (see Fides, 1/7/2022). Kidnapping for ransom is now one of the dominant crimes in several Nigerian cities: politicians, businessmen, religious figures and anyone with money, including schoolchildren from relatively well-off families, are easy targets for bandits. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides, 4/7/2022)

 WATCH! Reggie Interviews Courageous Dr. Peter Breggin about his Life and Work

Watch Reggie’s interview of Dr. Peter Breggin HERE.
Dear Friend,
I recently had the privilege of interviewing one of my great heroes, Dr. Peter Breggin.  He is one of the bravest and most brilliant people I know.  Dr. Breggin and his wife, Ginger, co-authored the book, Covid-19 and the Global Predators:  We Are the Prey.  It is a harrowing but highly informative and well documented read.   
According to Dr. Breggin himself, this was a unique interview.  I begin the interview by asking him about his days as a college student at Harvard, when he volunteered in a psychiatric facility and discovered to his horror the use of lobotomies and electroshock treatment to subdue patients.  From there, he tells the story of his life, including his battles with Big Pharma.   He shows how his entire life has prepared him for this moment and for his mission:  to expose and oppose the Chinese communist / globalist agenda under the disguise of Covid healthcare.  In the end, he speaks passionately of his love for America and our unique place in history, a great message for Independence Day.
Hear the inspiring life story of this surpassingly brave man.   Watch my extended interview of Dr. Peter Breggin HERE.


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Celebrating Saint Thomas the Apostle

“Except I shall see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the place of the nails, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe.” – St. John 20: 19-31

Dear Friends, 
Saint Thomas the Apostle is most known for being the Apostle who said he wouldn’t believe Christ truly rose from the dead until he placed his finger in His side. He is commonly known as “Doubting Thomas.” He redeemed himself, however, upon seeing the Resurrected Lord, uttering the expression of faith used by Christians ever since, “My Lord and My God!” 
Most years, July 3 is the Feast of Saint Thomas the Apostle. Since it falls on Sunday this year, we won’t celebrate it liturgically. However, we can still observe the feast by private devotion. 
We have a special page dedicated to Saint Thomas. On this page, we’re offering a free eBook, Five Lessons for Everyday Living from the Apostles. We hope this eBook inspires you to grow in virtue with lessons from those who learned from Christ Himself. 

May God bless you. In Christ,

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Disney has no remorse – California Catholic Daily

  • (Disney Plus/YouTube)

Disney apparently didn’t learn from their most recent flop, “Lightyear,” that overtly sexualizing kids is not most families’ cup of tea, because the entertainment giant stepped up and swung again with their newest release. Disney’s newest kids show, “Baymax,” is enraging conservative viewers for its open attempt to brainwash kids into thinking a man buying himself period pads is normal. The show was released on June 29, only barely securing its rightful place as a Pride Month production.

The “Big Hero Six” spinoff features Baymax, Hiro’s white pudgy robot, helping all the characters in the city of San Fransokyo with the day-to-day hiccups in life. The series also features scenes openly promoting homosexual and transgender lifestyles.

Baymax’s only goal in life is to help people, so in episode three, when one of the characters starts her menstrual period at school, Baymax goes to the store to get her tampons. Because robots are apparently the only individuals now that don’t need menstrual products, Baymax is at a loss for what products to get until everyone in the aisle jumps to his aid, including a guy who hands him a box of pads, saying, “I always get the ones with wings.”

In episode four, Baymax watches a character named Mbita start to get butterflies for the guy he runs into at the farmers market, Yukio. Baymax nudges Mbita to get in touch with his feelings and eventually encourages Mbita to ask Yukio out on a date.

Back in March in resistance to a Florida bill designed to prevent sexual grooming of children in school, a Disney executive producer boasted of Disney’s “not-at-all-secret-gay-agenda” and another employee was caught in a video call describing a “tracker” Disney uses to ensure they’re airing enough “gender-nonconforming characters.”

President of Disney General Entertainment Karey Burke also reportedly hinted that at least 50 percent of Disney’s leads would be LGBT or racial minorities before the year ends.

Full story at The Federalist.

California Catholic Daily – Missionaries of Charity expelled  

California Catholic Daily
Dear Reader,

Our lineup for today includes:

Ortega expels Missionaries of Charity from Nicaragua: In country since Mother Teresa visit in 1988

McElroy and other church liberals ponder his appointment: Was it solar panels, his ‘high esteem,’ lack of West Coast cardinal, or message to U.S. Church?

What is the Seven Sisters Apostolate?: Powerful ministry for laywomen in the Archdiocese of San Francisco

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The German Synod Is Infecting the Whole Church, Without the Pope’s Restraining It – Settimo Cielo – Blog – L’Espresso

In his recent conversation with the directors of the European journals of the Society of Jesus, transcribed and published by “La Civiltà Cattolica,” Pope Francis also had his say on the “synodal path” underway in Germany. In his view, “the problem arises when the synodal path comes from the intellectual, theological elites, and is highly influenced by external pressures,” when instead it should be done “with the faithful, with the people.”

The trouble is that when this happens, that is, when suggestions are taken from the base or the opinion of the faithful is surveyed, the results are practically the same as those dictated by the dominant elites or by external pressures, with the inevitable litany of requests that range from married priests to women priests, from the new sexual and homosexual morality to the democratization of Church governance.

Continue reading here:

Source: The German Synod Is Infecting the Whole Church, Without the Pope’s Restraining It – Settimo Cielo – Blog – L’Espresso

The Flame of Love Newsletter for June 29th, 2022

June 28th, 2022
Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul
“In this month dedicated to My Sacred Heart, I will shower you with many graces and increase in you the virtues of humility and meekness. These two you need the most.”

Jesus to Elizabeth Kindelmann pg.156 of the Spiritual Diary


Diane Salem 
Mid-Atlantic-Lower Regional Leader

I grew up in Northern Ohio, a cradle Catholic.  My mother was Byzantine Catholic and I was influenced from an early age by the Marian women in her family. Through them and their faithful prayers and sufferings, Our Blessed Mother has continually shown us her never-ending love for us as we all journey together toward a deeper love for her Son through our own personal growth in holiness.

I moved to the state of Maryland when I married my husband, Norman, a convert to Catholicism in the year 2000.  Through the years I have learned about the love for Mary brought to our shores by the early settlers and the influence still evident throughout the state by the number of Marian shrines and parishes.
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This week’s guest is…
Fr. Frank A. Pavone

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Fr. Pavone will share his his reaction and analysis on the overturning of Roe v Wade.

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Nancy Pelosi and Pope Francis at the Vatican on Oct. 9, 2021. (photo: Vatican Media. / VM)

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Rep. Nancy Pelosi receiving Communion at the Vatican:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who rejects the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion, marriage and sexuality, received Holy Communion on June 29 at a papal Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica. The pope was in attendance, but did not give out Communion.

Pelosi’s stunt was done to undercut her bishop, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone: he has told her not to present herself for Communion, citing her lust for abortion rights.

Some will blame the Vatican for what happened; others will blame Pelosi; still others will blame Cordileone. There is only one person to blame—Pelosi.

Archbishop Cordileone invoked canon law to deny Pelosi Communion, so there is no issue there: He is in total compliance with Catholic teachings. But given the autonomy that bishops have, those who oversee other dioceses are not bound by what Cordileone decreed.

Pelosi received Communion from one of the many priests who were distributing it; he obviously did not know anymore about her than he does the man on the moon. And unlike Cordileone, he never reached out to her, seeking to counsel her on this subject. So the two are not comparable.

The priest did what was expected of him—he gave Communion to everyone waiting on line to receive it. For all we know, non-Catholics may have received Communion at the same Mass. That doesn’t excuse those who willfully exploited the sacrament.

So where does this leave us?

Pelosi waiting in line to receive Communion is akin to a murderer waiting in line to pay his respects to his victim at a Catholic wake. The analogy is poignant in more ways than one.

Contact Pelosi’s chief of staff:


Today is the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul 



Dear Friends,

Today the Church celebrates the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul.

Saints Peter and Paul were two of the early Church’s greatest Saints. Saint Peter was one of Jesus’ twelve Apostles. Saint Paul, though not one of the original twelve, was called personally by the Lord. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said of the two: “[Saints Peter and Paul], together, represent the whole Gospel of Christ.”

We have a special page dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul. On this page, we’re offering Q&As, videos, and a free eBook, Words of Wisdom from Saints Peter and Paul. We hope you are inspired by this resource and through the intercession of these two great saints.

May you have a happy feast of Saints Peter and Paul.

In Christ,
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