And so Pilate being willing to satisfy the people, released to them Barabbas: and delivered up Jesus, when he had scourged him, to be crucified. And the soldiers led him away into the court of the palace: and they called together the whole band. And they clothed him with purple: and, platting a crown of thorns, they put it upon him. And they began to salute him: “Hail, king of the Jews.” And they struck his head with a reed: and they did spit on him. And bowing their knees, they adored him. And after they had mocked him, they took off the purple from him and put his own garments on him: and they led him out to crucify him. And they bring him into the place called Golgotha, which being interpreted is, The place of Calvary. And they gave him to drink wine mingled with myrrh. But he took it not. And crucifying him, they divided his garments, casting lots upon them, what every man should take. And it was the third hour: and they crucified him. And the inscription of his cause was written over: THE KING OF THE JEWS. And they that passed by blasphemed him, wagging their heads and saying: “Vah, thou that destroyest the temple of God and in three days buildest it up again: Save thyself, coming down from the cross.” In like manner also the chief priests, mocking, said with the scribes one to another: “He saved others; himself he cannot save. Let Christ the king of Israel come down now from the cross, that we may see and believe.” And they that were crucified with him, reviled him. And when the sixth hour was come, there was darkness over the whole earth until the ninth hour. And at the ninth hour, Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying: “Eloi, Eloi, lamma sabacthani?” Which is, being interpreted: “My God, My God, Why hast thou forsaken me?” And Jesus, having cried out with a loud voice, gave up the ghost.  (Mark 15:15-37)


A SUMMARY OF THE PASSION OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST: The sufferings of our Blessed Lord were caused by men, Jews, Gentiles and even His own apostles (Peter and Judas); by the light which revealed His nakedness; and by the air which inflamed His wounds. He suffered in His honor, by false accusations, insults, and unjust judgment; in His liberty, by being seized, bound and fastened with nails. His Soul suffered from fear, sadness and complete desolation, and from the scorn, mockery and ignominy that were heaped upon Him; His whole Body was tortured by the innumerable bruises and wounds of the scourging; His Head by the crown of thorns; His Face by the blows and spittle; His Hands and Feet by being pierced with nails; His Knees by being wounded and torn by His falls; and His Neck by the halter laid round it. His Eyes were wounded by the looks of His enemies who hated Him, as well as by the sight of His sorrowful Mother; His Ears were lacerated by the curses, cries of execration and blasphemy of His tormentors. Truly “from the sole of His Foot unto the top of His Head, there was no soundness therein” (Isa. 1:6). Added to all these sufferings we must remember this, that the Body of our Blessed Lord, conceived by the Holy Ghost in a wonderful and perfect manner, was much more sensitive to pain than our bodies; and that the more innocent, holy and noble a person is, the more intolerable to him is ingratitude, injustice, and malice. The sufferings of Jesus were, therefore, inconceivably great. All this ought to serve to fill us with a horror of sin, on account of which our dear and blessed Lord suffered so much, and impress us with the greatness of His love, which made Him endure all this for us! 

[From ‘A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture’ by Bishop Knecht, D.D.]
(1899 Douay-Rheims Bible)

Christ crucified. Jesus Christ who was spoken ...

Christ crucified. Jesus Christ who was spoken against, attacked and killed is a sign of contradiction, according to Catholic tradition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1) There is no change in doctrine about abortion or the Sacrament of Confession.

Priest hearing confessions before Liturgy. Hol...

Priest hearing confessions before Liturgy. Holy Protection church, Düsseldorf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2) Abortion is still an excommunicable offense (see to learn about excommunication).

3) It used to be that those suffering from the sin of abortion could only receive absolution from a bishop. Pope Francis has said that absolution for the sin of abortion can now be given, at least during the Year of Mercy, by any valid priest (again, this is not a change in doctrine, but simply a change in discipline).

4) Abortion is still a grave sin.

5) To be absolved for the sin of abortion during the Year of Mercy

  •  the person seeking absolution must be seeking absolution from a valid priest with faculties
  •  the person seeking absolution must be contrite for sin (and resolving to sin no more
  •  the person seeking absolution must confess their sins to the priest in person (Skyping and  emailing not allowed)
  • the penitent must confess all grave sins they can remember since last confession or anything grave sin skipped in previous confession
  •  the priest must actually say that the penitent is absolved

Source: No, the Pope Did Not Say Sin No Longer Exists! | One Mad Mom

Those who preach and teach mercy without repentance are deceivers, and are likely deceived themselves

As we prepare for the Year of Mercy, a blessed declaration from our Holy Father to be sure, permit me to express one concern. Fundamentally it concerns a flawed notion of mercy that is widespread in the world today, and also to some extent in the Church.

A simple way of describing the problem is to say that one of the great errors of our day is the proclamation of mercy without repentance, without reference to our sinful condition. So many pulpits have gone silent on sin! And therefore they are silent on the true glory of mercy and the astonishing gift that it is! Ah, mercy! Divine mercy! Perfect mercy! But only when we know and acknowledge our sins can this joyful cry be deep and authentic.

Yet too often today mercy is preached in a detached way and is taken by many to mean that our sins aren’t really sins, or are no big deal, and that God doesn’t really care what we do because, after all, he is merciful. And, by contrast those that do speak of sin are thereby unmerciful and mean.

Thus yet again we must state the critical and central truth that the astonishing and glorious mercy of God is accessed by repentance. It is repentance that opens the door to mercy, forgiveness, and kindness.

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Van Hecht-Nielsen and a team of three painters are creating possibly the largest hand-painted mural of Francis ever done, a project commissioned by the Diocese of Brooklyn.


Source: Before the Pope’s Visit, a 180-Foot-Tall Francis Arrives in Midtown – The New York Times

Pope Francis cardboard cut-out: 72″ tall. Made In The USA and Made From Recycled Materials

Bishop DiMarzio Congratulates Cardinals-Designate Dolan, O’Brien

My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, In my pastoral vision for the New Evangelization, which I wrote in 2007, I asked Catholic schools of Brooklyn and Queens to strengthen their efforts to identify and fulfill their Catholic mission. Four years later, when the Preserving the Vision Strategic Plan for Catholic Education was announced, we emphasized that the true mission of Catholic education for the Diocese of Brooklyn is to lead those entrusted to our care to find salvation in Jesus Christ, a mission that should be shared by all involved in Catholic education.

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English: Looking north across Lafayette Avenue...

English: Looking north across Lafayette Avenue at Catholic school on a cloudy afternoon.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Source: Our Schools Meet Challenges to Faith – The Tablet


The Crucifixion

And Jesus again crying with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. And behold the veil of the temple was rent in two from the top even to the bottom: and the earth quaked and the rocks were rent. And the graves were opened: and many bodies of the saints that had slept arose, And coming out of the tombs after his resurrection, came into the holy city and appeared to many. (Matt. 27:50-53)

HOLY WEEK: Good Friday is a day of mourning and penance, for on that day sin caused the death of the Incarnate Son of God. On the sixth day of Creation God made man; and on the sixth day of the week, God Incarnate redeemed fallen man.

[From ‘A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture’ by Bishop Knecht, D.D.]
(1899 Douay-Rheims Bible)

August 31 officially became a momentous day for the Whitefish, Mont. area and beyond.

“Big Mountain Jesus,” the historical World War II memorial, will remain solidly on its plot of ground in the Flathead National Forest high on Big Mountain. So went decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which ruled that the memorial statue can stay just where it is on the ski slope.

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