Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson: Ending Abortion Was Always Her Goal

Very rarely is there a person so brilliant, so dedicated, and so compassionate that her words and wisdom live on well past her time on earth. Mildred Fay Jefferson was one such woman.

By Judie Brown

Mildred Fay Jefferson, MD (1926-2010) was a heroine extraordinaire to all of us who knew her, who listened to her powerful speeches, who read her inspiring pro-life quotes, and who recognized her passion for putting an end to the act of abortion once and for all.

Dr. Jefferson never spoke about the fact that her African American identity set her apart. Rather, she spoke about equal rights and human rights for all human beings, from the moment God created each of them until their death. She was one of the best examples I will probably ever know of someone who walked the walk each and every day of her life.

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Detail of a stained glass window in the west a...

Detail of a stained glass window in the west aisle (sic!), depicting the Nativity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Rejoice to the Lady, our helper: sing aloud in the joy of your heart.

Let your affections be enkindled in her: and she will overwhelm your
enemies with confusion.

Let us imitate her humility: her obedience and her meekness.

All graces shine forth in her: for her capacity was immense.

Run ye to her with holy devotion: and she will share her good things with

Glory be to the Father, etc.

Religion: Thick and Thin – The Catholic Thing

Wow! I can really relate to this article, being an ‘old man’ myself and remembering the ‘good old days’ of my childhood!

David Carlin on Catholicism as it is meant to be, with all its pre-Vatican II richness: a hearty stew of faith and practice, not a weak, tasteless gruel.

I am an old man – old enough to have vivid memories of what American Catholicism was like prior to the end of Vatican II (1965). If I were asked to give a very short summary of the differences between the pre-V2 and post-V2 versions of American Catholicism, I would say the former was a “thick” religion while the latter is a “thin” religion. And I would add that thick religions are “hard” while thin religions are “easy.” So pre-V2 Catholicism was thick and hard, while present-day American Catholicism is thin and easy.

To be sure, the pre-Vatican II religion wasn’t the thickest of American religions. The religion of the Amish was much thicker; and so was the religion of the Hasidic Jews. Nor is the post-Vatican II religion the thinnest of American religions. The religions of mainline Protestant denominations are thinner, and they grow thinner and thinner all the time as they grow more and more liberal.

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Fra Angelico, 1434-1435

Fra Angelico, 1434-1435 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Give ear to me, thou who rulest Israel: praise thy Mother with me.

Arise and shake thyself from the dust, O my soul: go forth to meet the
Queen of Heaven.

Loose the bands of thy neck, O poor little soul of mine: and welcome her
with glorious praises.

The odor of life comes forth from her: and all salvation springs out of her

By the sweet fragrance of her spiritual gifts: dead souls are raised to

Glory be to the Father, etc.

RORATE CÆLI: Cardinal Tagle to replace Müller as CDF Prefect?

Cardinal Tagle singing at a concert, 2012.
To the recent reports from other sources that Cardinal Müller has already offered his resignation from CDF, Rorate can now add, from its own very well-placed sources, that there is a plan at the highest levels to replace Müller as Prefect of CDF with no less than the Asian “Pope Francis”, the man seen by many as Francis’ dauphin, Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle.
Müller, appointed Prefect in July 2012, has been effectively marginalized in the past years over the Family Synods and most importantly over Amoris Laetitia. Questions about his future in the Roman Curia have been persistent through the years. It remains to be seen whether he will eventually be sent back to Germany to take the still-vacant see of Mainz (traditionally a red-hat see), or be tossed to a ceremonial position, or whether, like Stanisław Cardinal Ryłko last year, he will simply be retired long before turning 75.
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Source: RORATE CÆLI: En attendant GodotTagle to replace Müller as CDF Prefect?