Medieval painting survived the Reformation disguised as 10 Commandments 


Amazingly, this painting survived the destruction by Protestants during the Reformation by some quick thinking. Sadly, thousands of church paintings and sculptures – an estimated 90 per cent of Britain’s stock of religious art – were destroyed in the 16th and 17th centuries. I think these destroyers were just as bad as todays ISIS destroyers and murderers. Yes, sadly, many

Guy Fawkes execution (Wikipedia)

Catholic clergy and lay people were murdered in those horrible days too. Whenever I read about the Saints of those days and how they were ‘drawn and quartered,’ my whole body shakes and asks: How could this have happened? And yet, here we are again, Christians being persecuted and beheaded by terrorists, and this time it is all Christians, not just Catholics. I pray that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Era of Peace promised at Fatima come soon! 

The 500-year-old painting depicts Judas betraying Jesus and originally hung in a parish church.

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Offering the Novus Ordo Ad Orientem 

The following guest post was written by a friend who is also a diocesan priest. I recently inquired as to why so few priests offer the Novus Ordo Mass ad orientem, despite numerous books and articles in recent years stating the case for it on both historical and theological grounds. The following post is Father’s response. His only request of me was to have his anonymity maintained, which I have honored. It is my hope that many priests will read Father’s post and prayerfully reconsider liturgical orientation within the Mass and it’s spiritual implications for all of us.

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The pope read the bishops of Germany the riot act.

Issued by the bishop, on the behalf of a divorced and remarried member of his diocese, after a careful examination of his case according to the norms promulgated by the pope. This is the proposal of an Australian theologian to remedy the current confusion

by Sandro Magister

ROME, November 24, 2015 – As the story is generally told, the big winner at the synod was the German Church, the world’s pioneer in overhauling the discipline of Catholic marriage.

But to hear what Pope Francis told the bishops of Germany on their “ad limina” visit, on Friday, November 20, the judgment to be taken from this is not that the German Church is the most advanced in the world, but the exact opposite. It is the most devastated.

The pope read the bishops of Germany the riot act.

– He lamented the lack of a “Catholic profile” in charitable institutions and schools.

– He denounced the collapse of Mass attendance and the “disappeared practice” of the sacrament of penance.

– He protested that “new structures are always being inaugurated for which there are ultimately not enough faithful.”

– He called upon the bishops to be “teachers of the faith,” of that faith which is “transmitted and experienced in the living communion of the universal Church.”

– He admonished them that in theological faculties “fidelity to the Church and to the magisterium does not contradict academic freedom.”

– He reminded them that in the parishes “the valuable collaboration of the lay faithful cannot become a substitute for the priestly ministry or even make it seem optional,” because “without the priest there is no Eucharist.”

– He urged them to “protect life unconditionally from the moment of conception until natural death,” because “we cannot make compromises here without becoming guilty ourselves of the culture of the disposable.”

There was just one question, however, that the pope did not address: communion for the divorced and remarried, which in Germany – but not only there – has become a common practice, essentially authorized by many bishops, independently of what was said at the synod and without waiting for the pope to draw from this – as is his prerogative – the concrete decisions.

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Source: Hypothesis: A Rescript That Would Authorize Communion

How to Start Your Own Troop of Saint George Fraternity

How do you: Promote Catholic vocations to the priesthood? Cultivate virtuous, manly, financially successful husbands? Attract young men and grown men to study Catholic theology? One way you can do this is start a Troop of Saint George in your community. The Troops of Saint George is an outdoor, bushcraft, adventure fraternity for Catholic priests, deacons, fathers, and sons.

We honor our priests who come out and celebrate Mass. We build outdoor chapels and altars and pews and pulpits for them:

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Christmas trees and carols ban in Virginia veterans’ hospital sparks uproar; pastor says he can’t be bullied


The Christmas holiday in Salem, Virginia will be undergoing a drastic change this year after the federal government issued an order stating that Christmas trees and the singing of religious Christmas carols are no longer allowed in public places.

I’m getting sick of these so called rules on how we can celebrate or even think about Christ and Christmas! Who’s behind these satanic government orders? Here is one man who stood up for Christmas: John Sines, Jr. who said:

“They told me I could sing ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ but I couldn’t sing about Christ,” said Pastor John Sines, Jr. of Rock Pike Baptist Church in Forest, Virginia. “I couldn’t sing about anything that had the word Christmas in it. I could sing what they referred to as ‘holiday’ songs.”

Sines said he was flustered by all the rules, but all he wanted to do was entertain veterans in the hospital. “My agenda wasn’t so I could push Jesus on the veterans,” he said. “I just wanted to honour the veterans and to say thank you.”

Because of this, he told the VA Hospital that he will not be abiding by their rules. “I let those folks know I wasn’t going to be bullied into their way of thinking,” he said. “We’re rednecks. We don’t have no problem standing our ground.”

Thank you, John Sines, from us veteran’s, who served our country to be free to celebrate our religious holidays as we see fit!

Deacon John Giglio (US Navy Korean War Vet)

Source: Christmas trees and carols ban in Virginia veterans’ hospital sparks uproar; pastor says he can’t be bullied | Christian News on Christian Today

Is Christ Your King in the Way HE Describes It? by Msgr. Charles Pope

The recent feast of Christ the King presents two fundamental questions to us that need to be answered honestly. For indeed, many Christians willingly pay Christ lip service, and return expected answers. But how real, how truthful are those answers? That is a different matter. Let’s consider both questions in turn.

In the Gospel from John 18 Jesus is on trial before Pilate, but he deftly turns the tables and suddenly it is Pilate that is on trial. But, by extension, it is you and I who are also on trial, and the question Jesus asks Pilate is a question we must also answer. Then, when Pilate asks, “Are you a King?” Jesus answers with a question:

Do you say this on your own or have others told you about me? (Jn 18:34)

This is a question you and I must answer. For it is too often the case that, when it comes to the truths of faith, we are content merely to supply formulaic answers we have heard from others. And thus, to take up Jesus’ language, we do not say things on our own but are merely repeating what others have told us about Jesus.

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Over 200 consecrated hosts stolen, desecrated in Spain art exhibit 

Let us offer prayers for this sacrilege: O most Holy Trinity, I adore Thee; My God, my God, I love Thee in the Most Blessed Sacrament! [Fatima prayer]

Critics of Pamplona’s city council say it deliberately attacked Catholics and broke Spanish law by using city property to display a sacrilegious art exhibit with more than 240 stolen consecrated Hosts.

Source: Over 200 consecrated hosts stolen, desecrated in Spain art exhibit :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)