Catholic priests must face their responsibilities if they father children, Ireland’s bishops say:

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Catholic priests who father children must face up to their legal, moral and financial responsibilities, according to new guidelines approved by bishops in Ireland.

The guidelines, revealed by the Irish Times, say the priest ‘should face up to his responsibilities – legal, moral and financial. At a minimum, no priest should walk away from his responsibilities.’

The guidelines say it is vital that a child’s mother as primary caregiver and ‘moral agent in her own right’ be acknowleged. Mother and child must not be left ‘isolated or excluded’.

The guidelines are titled Principles of Responsibility Regarding Priests who Father Children While in Ministry.

Although approved by bishops four months ago, they have not been officially published yet  by the Church.

The Irish Times reports that they are the result of lobbying by Vincent Doyle, a psychotherapist from Galway, whose father was a priest from Co Longford, Father JJ Doyle.

Doyle’s website to help the children of priests is backed by Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin.

Doyle also contacted the Boston Globe, resulting in their investigation into the lives of children of Catholic priests. The  Globe reports: ‘By any reasonable measure, there are thousands of others who have strong evidence that they are the sons and daughters of Catholic priests, though most are unaware that they have so much company in their pain. In Ireland, Mexico, Poland, Paraguay,and other countries, in American cities big and small –  indeed, virtually anywhere the church has a presence – the children of priests form an invisible legion of secrecy and neglect, a Spotlight Team review has found.’


Politically Incorrect Trauma: Planned Parenthood’s Other 98 Percent – LIFE LEGAL DEFENSE FOUNDATION

Ever since David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress first revealed the abortion industry’s illegal trade in baby body parts, defenders of Planned Parenthood have ferociously reemphasized an old piece of disinformation—that only three percent of PP’s “services” involve abortion. Close observation reveals what constitutes the other 97 percent. The other 97 percent consists of obfuscation, evasion, and outright lying. PP’s main business aside from actually doing abortions is hiding the nature of the abortions it does.

Anyone who has ever looked closely at the abortion industry already understands this truth. However, we need to reconsider the effect of these constant lies on the abortionists themselves and on Planned Parenthood’s professed interest in women’s health.

The obvious truth that PP industriously evades is this: abortion kills babies and damages women. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider, which means that it kills more babies and damages more women than any other proud group of “disarticulation” specialists. All in the name of care. No matter what.

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Source: Politically Incorrect Trauma: Planned Parenthood’s Other 98 Percent – LIFE LEGAL DEFENSE FOUNDATION

Permanent Diaconate Inquirers Program: Is Christ Calling You?

God is calling each of us to serve one another in charity and love and Pope Francis speaks to this call constantly. For some there is a particular invitation to serve Christ and the Church in ordained ministry. The Permanent Diaconate, restored at Vatican II, is a ministry of service that is open to married and single men. In the words of Saint John Paul II, the ministry of the deacon “is the Church’s service sacramentalized.”

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Source: Echoes. Permanent Diaconate Inquirers Program: Is Christ Calling You?. Published 8/18/2017

Junipero Serra statue vandalized in park across from Mission San Fernando

Vandalized statue of Junipero Serra and and Indian boy standing next to him (image from CBS News)

Monument was spray-painted and the word “murder” written on saint’s likeness

Several people stopped by a statue of Father Junipero Serra in a park across from Mission San Fernando on Thursday after a photo made the rounds on social media appearing to show the statue had been vandalized.

A picture circulating Facebook showed the statue spray-painted red and the word “murder” written on Serra in white.

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Source: Junipero Serra statue vandalized in park across from Mission San Fernando

Trump Abolishing Contraception Mandate

Moral companies can opt-out without their insurance continuing contraception coverage

WASHINGTON – The White House has drafted regulations to abolish Obamacare’s contraception mandate, forcing employers to provide contraceptives and abortifacient drugs to their workers.

Based on the leaked document, The Wall Street Journal on Thursday reported, “Federal health officials are expected to finalize a regulation that would allow employers with religious or moral objections … to omit coverage.” The new policy will allow not only religiously affiliated hospitals, schools and businesses to opt-out of providing contraceptives but also any employer with religious or moral objections to the contraceptive mandate within the Affordable Care Act.

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Source: Trump Abolishing Contraception Mandate


Mexico is the most violent Latin American country for priests Mexico City, (CNA/EWTN News).- For the ninth year in a row, Mexico is the most violent country in Latin America for priests, said a report from the Catholic Multimedia Center.

The report covers 2012 to 2017, which aligns with the presidency of current Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. During this time, 19 priests and two lay persons were murdered, and two priests reported as missing.

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Priests in Australia face criminal charges for not reporting abuse, even if heard in confession

Priests who fail to report suspected abuse, even if they hear about it from within the confession box, could face criminal charges.

Laws across Australia and indeed the rest of the world vary with some states considering information gleaned in religious confession to be privileged and so exempt from reporting requirements.

But if imposed the new reporting mandate would punish anyone who knew, suspected or even should have suspected an adult linked to their institution was abusing a child, and did not report it to the police.

Outside Australia courts around the world have grappled with whether religious confession should be privileged.

For example in the US state of Louisiana, the Supreme Court ruled that priests did not have to tell authorities after hearing evidence of child abuse during confession.

However in Ireland the legal requirement to report knowledge of crimes against children makes no exemption for priests.

Source: Priests face criminal charges for not reporting abuse, even if heard in confession | Christian News on Christian Today