Jesuit General: Pedro Arrupe’s cause for canonization underway 

Father Pedro Arrupe, S.J., in 1968 (ARSI Roma).

Jesuit leaders announce that the sainthood cause of Father Pedro Arrupe, S.J. has formally started.

Jesuit Superior General Arturo Sosa, S.J., suggested that possibility today, announcing in Bilbao, Spain, that: “We have formally begun the process of beatification for Father Pedro Arrupe.” That is according to a story in InfoSJ, an information website of the Society of Jesus in Spain, first reported in English-language social media by Rhina Guidos of Catholic News Service.

“We are still at the beginning of the process, but Angelo de Donatis, the Cardinal Vicar of Rome has given the diocese of Rome approval to open the process of beatification,” Father Sosa announced at a meeting in Bilbao of Jesuits and lay associates involved with the International Association of Jesuit Universities, asking attendees at the meeting to pray for the cause and for the assistance of anyone who has useful information about religious devotion to Father Arrupe. He was “a man of truth rooted in Christ and dedicated to mission,” Father Sosa said, “whose greatest miracle is that we are here today.”

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Source: Jesuit General: Pedro Arrupe’s cause for canonization underway | America Magazine



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Subject: Satanism and the Eucharist: A MUST READ!!!!

Satanism & the Eucharist

Andrew Trapp, Catholic seminarian  4/24/2004 (Now serving as a priest)

During my parish work last summer in France, one of my responsibilities was participating in a weekly prayer group for young adults who had fallen away from the Church. The last meeting of the summer, one of the guys made a surprising revelation to us all: before his conversion, he had been a full-fledged Satanist. This reflection is the true story of that conversion and what I learned from it.

“One of the most chilling moments in The Passion was during the Lord’s scourging, when Satan appears cradling a baby who slowly turns to reveal a hideous face. Here Satan is mocking Jesus and Mary by presenting himself as a twisted sort of “anti” Madonna and Child, as if to proclaim that he and his offspring have won, and not the woman and her offspring as foretold in Genesis 3:15. This is how the Evil One loves to work—Satan loves to mock God by imitating the holy and twisting it in a sick way. This past summer I was struck with this truth in a totally new way.

Nicolas had been a part of the prayer group all year long, but this was the first time that he had talked about his life before his conversion. He told us about how he became involved in Satanism while in his late teens. It enslaved him, bringing despair and utter loneliness to his life, to the point where he was tormented with thoughts of suicide. He felt trapped and helpless in its grasp. It was only through the constant prayers of his mother that he was finally freed from this slavery a couple of years ago, and he began to give his life back to Christ.

I had never met anyone like Nicolas, openly admitting a past involvement in Satanism. After the initial shock, I bombarded him with three questions, one after another. First, how did they ‘worship’ Satan? I had always heard that it was not anything like worshiping an image of Satan or singing hymns, but by having a so-called “Black Mass.” In other words, their entire service is a mockery of the Catholic Mass. Was this true, I asked him? Not a Protestant preaching service, not a Buddhist temple ritual, but an explicit mockery of our Mass? “Yes,” Nicolas told us, “that is true.”

I had also heard, I continued, that Satanists steal consecrated communion bread from their local Catholic churches which they desecrate at these black services. For example, I have heard of Catholic parishes where this is such a problem that the pastor is forced to post special attendants during Holy Communion who watch to make sure that no one receives the Eucharist and walks away without consuming the host. The Satanists take these consecrated hosts to their services—these wafers of “bread” that Catholics believe have been miraculously transformed by the Holy Spirit into the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ—and desecrate them with spit, bodily waste, and other such unimaginable blasphemies. Before your conversion, I asked Nicolas, did you and your fellow Satanists steal consecrated hosts for this purpose? “Yes,” Nicolas answered, “we did.”

The poor guy probably felt like he was being interrogated by the CIA by this point, but knowing that I might never have this opportunity again, I asked Nicolas one final question. I told him that I had also heard that those who were very deep in Satanism could actually tell whether a communion host had been consecrated or not. For example, they will not steal communion bread from Protestant communion meals, nor will they steal unblessed communion bread for desecration at these “Black Masses.” It would not work because some of the Satanists would immediately recognize that it was just ordinary bread. They would be able to tell that Jesus Christ was not sacramentally present there.

I asked Nicolas whether this also was true. He again replied that it is, and he told us that he could do this himself before his conversion from Satanism. A chill went down my spine. If someone were to put ten identical communion hosts in front of him, nine  unconsecrated and one consecrated, he would have been able to point directly and immediately to the host that had been consecrated. I asked him in amazement, “But how were you able to know?!?” He looked at me and the words he spoke are forever burned in my memory: “Because of the hate,” he said. “Because of the burning hate I would feel toward that host, apart from all the others.”

His words hit me like a baseball bat. Some of the saints also had this mystical knowledge of the Lord’s Eucharistic presence, but this knowledge flowed from their deep union with Christ. Nicolas, on the other hand, knew Christ’s presence because his worship of Satan had worked the opposite mystical connection to the Eucharist—he knew Jesus was there not because of his love for Jesus, but because of his deep hateIt makes my skin crawl just to think about such hatred.

This is how Satan operates. He loves to mock whatever is holy and sacred, to imitate the truth and twist it in a perverse way. The Mass is the most sacred prayer on earth, the most awesome way for us Christians to offer worship to our Lord, so Satan has his followers worship him through a mockery of that prayer. Instead of lifting the Eucharist high with adoration and loving reverence, the Eucharist is thrown to the ground with loathing and derision. Rather than knowing Christ’s true presence in the sacrament through their love, they perversely recognize Christ’s presence through their hatred.

Let’s not pretend otherwise—it is scary to hear a story like Nicolas’. It is terrifying to realize that such evil exists in this world. But more than frighten us, his testimony should give us hope, comfort, and strength. Satan does exist and he is powerful, but Jesus Christ is infinitely more powerful. Even the most wicked sinner can be brought back to the love of the Lord, through Christ’s grace and through the prayers of believers (like Nicolas’ mother!) If Satan so despises the Mass, then we should be moved to even greater devotion, preparation, and participation in Mass. If Satan so despises the Lord’s true presence in the Eucharist, then our hearts should burn with even greater love and thirst for worthily receiving Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Lord, I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof,

but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”


I am really Myriam, Immaculate Mother of Jesus

In Natividade, Brazil, a city in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Sebastian Fausto de Faria, an agnostic, testified that he was visited several times during the years 1967-1968 by the Virgin Mary, who left him three messages for the world. Here is an excerpt from the second message, given on July 12, 1968, concerning the Church:

“I am really Myriam, Immaculate Mother of Jesus … My main title … is that of ‘Divine Maternity,’ which is the reason for my own existence … I am the messenger of faith and love for Christendom who is traumatized by discord, amid a humanity threatened in its spirituality. To the Church of my Son, guardian and first interpreter of his doctrine, whose Mother I am, I address the following exhortation:

… Let the primacy of the worship of God and of my Son be restored, and let the people invoke those whose holy life is a permanent source of virtues … Let the people respect the churches and the hierarchy and accept the authority of the Episcopal decisions, especially those coming from the highest one: Saint Peter. Let them distrust the firebrands who speak against the faith and the discipline, from within the Church herself!”

The diocesan bishop granted the imprimatur to the messages and authorized the construction of a church.



Source: I am really Myriam, Immaculate Mother of Jesus

Diocese of Scranton: Solemn Novena to Saint Ann Begins July 17

       Very Rev. Richard Burke, C.P., rector of Saint Ann’s Monastery in Scranton, announces that Passionist Fathers Michael Rowe and Donald Ware will be the preachers for the annual Solemn Novena to Saint Ann.         These special days of prayer and preaching extend from Tuesday, July 17, through the Feast of Saint Ann on Thursday, July 26, at Saint Ann’s Basilica in Scranton.
       The preachers for this year’s Novena will focus on the theme, “Just A Closer Walk With Thee.”
       Father Michael, a native of Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies, is rector of Saint Paul of the Cross Cathedral, the center of the Mandeville Diocese, and also teaches in an adjacent Catholic High School and participates in the life and community of the Passionist Volunteers International. Most recently, Father Michael was appointed Vicar General of the Diocese of Mandeville.
       Father Don, a Pittsburgh native son, is assigned to Saint Paul of the Cross Monastery in Pittsburgh where he was the Assistant Superior for four years. He takes part in the Retreat ministry and for those in Alcoholics Anonymous. Father Don serves as the Province Director of the Passionist Associates program which fosters a covenanted bonding of the Passionist Community with laity who find their spirituality focused on the suffering and death of Jesus.
       All are invited to join the Novena and Feast Day celebrations at Saint Ann’s Basilica for the 10-day period of prayers and devotion.
       Services, which include Mass and Novena, are at 8 a.m., 11:45 a.m., 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. A Novena service only is at 3:30 p.m. each day. Confessions are available before and after each Mass and Novena service. An individual blessing with the relic of Saint Ann takes place after each Novena devotion.
       The Novena will conclude on Thursday, July 26, the Feast of Saint Ann, with a Pontifical Mass at 7:30 p.m. celebrated by Bishop Bambera.

If I had a Virgin Mary for myself

In the 1640s, a young man from Chablais (French Alps) had been possessed by the devil for 5 years, when he was brought to the tomb of St Francis de Sales. There, after five days, he was liberated.

When a bishop as well as a nun called Mother Francoise Magdeleine de Changy (1611-1682), Superior of the first monastery of the Visitation of Annecy, questioned him, the demon repeated with fury: “Ah! Why do I have to go out?” Mother de Changy exclaimed: “Oh! Holy Mother of God, pray for us! Mary, Mother of Jesus, help us!”

At these words, Satan increased his frightful screams, shouting, “Mary! I have no Virgin Mary! If I had a Virgin Mary for myself like you have, I would not be what I am! … If I had a single moment of all those you waste, and a Virgin Mary, I would no longer be a demon!”

From Le Chapelet des Enfants (The Children’s Rosary)


Source: If I had a Virgin Mary for myself