“Madonna with Child” as the woman in Revelation 12:1; Rotonda di San Lorenzo, Mantua, Italy, 14th century. []


Wonderful are thy testimonies, O kind Mother: and by thy words my heart is

All the rich of the people shall entreat thy countenance: and the daughters
of kings shall praise thy face.

The word of thy lips is burning exceedingly: He who shall make haste to
come to thee, shall share in it.

I am as a trembling reed before thee: hold me, Lady, under thy yoke, and I
shall not be confounded.

The dragons of hell attack thy servants above all others: but do thou, O
Lady, defend us.

Glory be to the Father, etc.

After Four Cardinals, Six Laymen Speak. Who Knows If the Pope May At Least Listen To Them – Settimo Cielo

The four cardinals have never been alone with their “dubia.” Proof of this comes from what happened in Rome on April 22 in an auditorium of the Hotel Columbus, a short walk from Saint Peter’s Square, where six renowned lay scholars came together from as many countries of the world to give voice to an appeal that is being raised from a large part of the “people of God” so that clarity may be brought to the confusion raised by “Amoris Laetitia.”

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Source: After Four Cardinals, Six Laymen Speak. Who Knows If the Pope May At Least Listen To Them – Settimo Cielo – Blog – L’Espresso

Four years after the abduction of the two Metropolitans of Aleppo


Metropolitan Yohanna Ibrahim (left) and Metropolitan Boulos Yazigi (right) were abducted April 22, 2013 as they were returning to Antioch

Aleppo (Agenzia Fides) – “Christ is risen and the destiny of our brother-archbishops Boulos and Yohanna is still unclear”. Pascha fell this year close to the day of their abduction. “This fourth anniversary is perhaps the most appropriate time for us to raise our voice once more, and to put in the ears of our believers and of all the world the voice of our pain in the Church of Antioch, and the voice of all those who are afflicted in this East”. With these words, in a joint message, the two Patriarchs of Antioch, Greek Orthodox Yohanna X and Siro Orthodox Mar Ignatios Aphrem II, remind everyone of the two Metropolitans of Aleppo – Syriac Orthodox Mar Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim and Greek Orthodox Boulos Yazigi – abducted on April 22, 2013, on the fourth anniversary of their disappearance.
The two metropolitan Bishops of Aleppo were kidnapped in the area between the Syrian metropolis and the border with Turkey. The car on which the two Bishops were traveling was blocked by the kidnappers, and the driver was killed cold-bloodedly, after his escape attempt. We are talking about Fathallah, a Catholic, father of three children.
Since then, no group has claimed the kidnapping. Six months after the kidnapping (see Fides 30/10/2013) General Abbas Ibrahim, head of the Lebanese General Security, revealed that the place where the two abducted Bishops were detained had been identified, and “Indirect contacts” with the kidnappers to obtain their release had begun.
“Christians of the Church of Antioch” reads the joint message sent to Agenzia Fides “always pledge to remember that the path of the resurrection began with the Cross, and was crowned with the light of the empty Tomb. As we imitate Christ, we do not fear death or adversity, but we pray in our weakness, as our Lord Jesus Christ Himself prayed, that the cup of suffering may pass”. The message of the two Patriarchs also expresses the will and desire of the Eastern Christians to continue to live in the lands of their millennial rooting: “The power of this world”, the two Patriarchs remark, “will not drive us out of our land, because we are the sons of the cross and the resurrection. We have been displaced throughout history, and we are still being displaced up to this day, but each of us is called to remember that the land of Christ will not be emptied of his beloved ones and of those who were named after him two thousand years ago. And if the ac t of kidnapping the two archbishops and priests aims at defying our Eastern Christian presence, and uprooting it from this land, our answer is clear: even though it has been four years since the two archbishops were kidnapped and this crisis has lasted six years, we are staying here next to the tombs of our fathers, and their hallowed ground. We are deeply rooted in the womb of this East”.
In their message, the two Patriarchs, also have the opportunity to express critical considerations of the political and geopolitical lines followed on the Middle East scenarios by Western powers: “We are not in need of sympathy for us or denunciation of others” write Mar Ignatius Aphrem and Yohanna in their message “but we are in need of serious and sincere good will from all parties to foster peace in our land. (…).We do not leave this issue in the care of the civilized world, which has burdened us with its talk about democracies and reforms, while our eastern man is deprived of bread and of all means of livelihood. There is a war, unfortunately, imposed upon us as Syrians, and there are consequences that burden us as Lebanese. And there is a price which we pay as Easterners all over the Middle East stemming from the results of all wars, as though bets are waged on our land… Our summons today is a cry “enough!” in the face of those who finance the terr orist, but feign blindness of his existence, and later rush to fight him or to make a claim to fight him”. (GV) (Agenzia Fides, (22/04/2017)

Mother Dolores Hart, OSB — ‘The Nun Who Kissed Elvis’ — To Speak at the Leo House in New York City

Contact: Ashley Bryant, The Leo House,
646-791-3528 ext 222

NEW YORK, April 21, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — On Monday, May 15, Mother Dolores Hart, OSB will discuss “How does love really fit in today’s world?” and sign copies of her autobiography, “The Ear of the Heart: An Actress’ Journey from Hollywood to Holy Vows,” at The Leo House in New York City. The event is sponsored by The Leo House and Relevant Radio 1430AM – New York Metropolitan Area with support from the Archdiocese of New York.

It's Now or Never (song)

It’s Now or Never (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before taking her religious vows to become a Roman Catholic Benedictine nun in 1966, Mother Hart was a prominent actress in Hollywood, making ten films in five years and playing opposite such leading men as Elvis Presley, Montgomery Clift and Robert Wagner. Last year, she celebrated her Golden Jubilee of 50 years of vowed life at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, CT, where she continues to serve the monastic community today.

A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the second phase of the Abbey’s New Horizons Building Project, which will include a complete rebuilding of the original chapel, transformation of an existing dormitory into an urgently needed infirmary, and much-needed improvements to living spaces, workshops, offices and public spaces. Founded in 1947, the Abbey is a community of contemplative Benedictine women dedicated to the praise of God through prayer and work.

“The Leo House is thrilled to welcome Mother Hart back for what promises to be an unforgettable evening of inspiration for Catholics and non-Catholics alike,” explained David Smith, Executive Director of The Leo House. “Her faith, integrity and commitment to service come through loud and clear every time she speaks, and we’re honored to support the vision she and her fellow Benedictine sisters have to continue the inspiration and faith of the Abbey.”

This once-in-a-lifetime event will be held at The Leo House at 332 W. 23rd Street on May 15, and doors will open at 5:30 pm. Tickets are $24.99 per person, and can be purchased at the door, via phone at (646) 791-3528 (x222) or online at

About The Leo House
The Leo House is a nonprofit Catholic guesthouse dedicated to offering affordable housing for people of all faiths, including the clergy, students, travelers and those visiting sick friends and relatives. Originally established in the Battery Park area in 1889 by papal certification by Pope Leo XIII, The Leo House moved to its current Chelsea location in 1926, and is ranked #13 out of 192 by TripAdvisor for Specialty Housing in New York City.

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I have hated the unjust: and I have loved thy way, O gracious Lady.

Help me, O Lady of the world, and I shall be saved: and I shall meditate
the honor of thy commandments.

Make me always stand in thy fear: and deliver me not up, O Virgin, to those
who calumniate me.

I am of thy own tongue: I am the least in thy family.

Keep me, O Lady, from those who neglect the judgments of thy justice.

Thou despisest all who depart from thy service: because their thought is

Glory be to the Father, etc.

Benedict XVI: “The things of God do not seem urgent” – 21 Apr 2017

California Catholic Daily

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Our lineup for today includes:

Benedict XVI: “The things of God do not seem urgent”: Bemoans man-centered liturgy in new edition of Opera Omnia

Evan Minton sues Mercy hospital in Carmichael for refusing hysterectomy: “It devastated me”

California moves to require abortion pills on campus: First in country


Pill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)