About Me Updated Again . . .

What’s to say about me? Well, I’m 79 years old, retired with my wife Marianne, and we were living in a condo in Central Florida. I was born in Manhattan (New York Hospital) but lived my childhood in Astoria, Queens. My wife lived one block away but we never met until I was about 21 years old. I enlisted in the US Navy in 1954 and served aboard 2 Aircraft Carriers, the Bennington and the Leyte (CVS32).


After 3 and a half years I was discharged and I worked in many different jobs. My favorite job was as a motorcycle courier for the local TV News Stations and U.P.I. I got paid to do something I loved, riding a Harley!
I met my wife through her cousin and we married and had 6 children; 2 were still-born. We now have 9 grandchildren! Most of them are living in New York and Pennsylvania.

In 1987 I was ordained a deacon for the Diocese of Brooklyn and served in four parishes until 2002, when we relocated to Florida. Mainly because we couldn’t afford to live in NYC and for my wife’s health, she needed a home of her own. She had ‘end stage kidney failure’ and was expected to go on dialysis. Our daughter helped us buy the condo and answered my prayers that we could have our own home. Blessed be God forever!

Last March (2012) Marianne had a congested heart attack and almost died. The doctors at Florida Hospital saved her life! In May we relocated back North to be near our 8 grandchildren and are enjoying the cold weather :-)

I no longer work a part-time job and it’s tough to pay for my wife’s medical expenses (the medications and doctor visits). I miss New York with all the excitement and places to go. And the beautiful churches! I also love the Old Latin Mass. My new parish is 5 minutes away from where we live and I’m able to get to daily Mass. I help out at the parish a little but my main job is taking care of my wife and her needs, which are plenty. I’m like a full-time nurse!!!


Marianne, my spouse of 52 years has gone to the Lord! On August 9th, 2013 after 3 weeks in the hospital, after suffering a stroke and a series of cardiac arrests, she was placed in a hospice for one day. We buried her on August 14, 2013, at Queen of Peace cemetery. Her long illness and suffering is over and now she is in peace.  I’m sure Marianne is in heaven praying for us! She was a good Catholic woman, who did a lot for the unborn since the very beginning of the Pro-Life cause. She went to the March For Life every year, dragging our kids, and me along. She also went on bus trips to Albany, New York, to speak with our legislators about being pro-life and ending abortion. Marianne did many other “Good Works” for the Lord and helped many people in her charity. I miss her and will be so happy to join her in heaven when it’s my time!!! May her soul and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace+

13 thoughts on “About Me Updated Again . . .

  1. Deacon John I love your new Blog and look forward to upcoming stories…I always come away with something from you, and never to disappoint! Blessings to you…

    • It’s been many years ago, and my memory is not too good, but yes, I remember you and Legion of St. Michael. Hope you are well. I’m living now in NE Pa. (Pocono mountains) and still serving the Lord and Our Lady as Deacon. I’ll retire when they put me in a box!!! 🙂 Blessings to you and yours+

  2. Deacon John,
    Thank you so much for remember us in your daily prayers!
    You have always been an inspiration and a source of encouragement over the years.

    Whenever I felt alone and without hope, I knew I wasn’t alone and that you were praying for me.

    As we enter 2016, there are many challenges facing us. Your prayers are valued now more than ever!

    Peace be with you!

    Fr. Wade+
    Lakeland, FL

    • Peace & love to you too, Fr. Wade! I’m sorry we never met when I lived in Central Florida, but at the time, I cared for my wife, Marianne, who was very ill, and could not travel too much. I did get to worship at Our Lady Protectress Ukrainian Catholic Church in Apopka a few times and learned to love the Orthodox Divine Liturgy. I miss that here in N.E. Pa. I’m very active here with diaconal ministry, doing Wahes, funerals, burials, Communion Services, prayer groups (3), etc. Not bad for an old man soon to be 79 yrs young 🙂 May the Lord continue to bless you and yours!
      Deacon John Giglio

  3. Hello Dear Deacon John Giglio.
    At first Our Lord Jesus bless you 🙂 …sorry for my english leanguage. ..it is now good:), but I try I write you from Slovakia (East Europe).
    Mr. Deacon John I see you website and I have one question—do you know something about the Garabandal miracle—I think. But if you can help to me. I want send some postcard and present for Conchita Gonzalez Keena to USA, but I can not find contact for Her—Only I am saw contact to : The Workers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel , Lindenhurst NY—and on Mr. Glenn Hudson—but I dont know if I send postcard with present in packet on this adress if somebody give to Mrs.Conchita Gonzalez Keena? Can you help me, or if is possible can you send me some contact on Mrs. Conchita — or can I send some present for her on You adress in Florida— I am not sure what can I do …for this I need Your help:)…if is possible, or, can you tell me some –right contact on her??? Thank you very much and blees you good and nice Easter day with our Virgin Mary:)! Thank you one more time for your understud me and for you time …because with this ….Original english leaunguage …You need more time:)–sorrrry:) Have nice day and say Hallo for Jaromir Jagr in Florida Panthers NHL:) he is from Chech republic—before Czechoslovakia:) Nice day : I wish You and Thank you for yours help I hope:) Bye bye Mr. Dusan –Slovakia

    • Hello Mr. Dusan, I don’t know Conchita’s address but Glen Hudson does as he visits her quite often. They both live on Long Island, New York. You can contact Glenn on Facebook. God bless+

  4. Hello Mr. Deacon John. Thank You very much for Your help and -. It is for me good information-I am happy :). I will try contact him in right time:) — I hope:)
    Dear. Mr. Deacon John Giglio one more time Thank you from me heart and thank You for undestunding me –special English leanguage:), Thank you for your time:)
    Have nice day and Easter day, I wish You and all your family — God bless all:)
    Bye, Bye from Slovakia 🙂

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