Must-read! A 3-part explainer on COVID vaccine mandates

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  MUST-READ: A 3-part explainer on COVID-19 vaccines and mandates
Despite what our public health authorities assert, the efficacy of currently available COVID-19 vaccines is inferior to that of natural immunity and in the presence of variants. The vaccines are essentially security blankets, lending people a sense of comfort, but in reality, providing incomplete and unsatisfactory protection from the virus. Yet, alarmingly, these experimental medicines are the subject of mandates and unprecedented measures of coercion.

It is critical that you are informed as to the actual risks and benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines and what you can do to push back against the coming wave of mandates.

In this 3-part series, “COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Are Medically Futile, Likely Illegal,” Dr. Alan Moy discusses the medical and ethical dangers of COVID-19 vaccines, the legal implications for employers and schools who force them, and what you can do to stand against medical tyranny.
  PART 1: A primer on vaccine science PART 2: Efficacy overstated, hazards understated PART 3: Strategies for combating mandates
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We believe in the power of the People to make a real difference at the local and state levels.

The Personhood Alliance is a confederation of 28 independent affiliate organizations, both Catholic and evangelical, who stand on the biblical principles of personhood in defending human life and human dignity in the 21st century.

We seek to stop the killing of pre-born children without exception, and we reject the regulation of abortion. We also defend human life and human dignity from other direct assaults, such as assisted suicide, euthanasia, human trafficking, disability discrimination, unethical advances in science and technology, the push for non-human personhood, and the relentless attacks on God’s design for marriage, family, gender, and sexuality, particularly when these attacks target children. 

All of these issues have one thing in common: They are part of a coordinated assault on the Image of God, as reflected in His wholistic design for the human person.

We hope you will join us on this epic battlefield!
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