“I was born by the martyrdom of Mary”

The author of the book Cum clamore valido (1) has Jesus say these words about Mary:

“To become the Mother of the children of God, Mary had to suffer all the pains of Calvary! For it was only then that from the height of my Cross I dropped the sacred words of that title for eternity, conferring upon her and entrusting her with the universal maternity of souls.

Here is your mother! … Here is your Son! (John 19: 26-27)

Creative words like all my words! At the very moment when I pronounced them, perceiving the whole human family through my virgin apostle in an immense vision of tenderness, I created in Mary a true motherly heart for each member of this family, while I created each soul as a true child of Mary, a child of her co-redemptive pains.

So that every Christian soul can say: I was born by the martyrdom of Mary! And of the voluntary martyrdom of Mary! For, silent as her Fiat of acquiescence was, you cannot doubt its deep, intimate reality, full of Magnificat! Answer that I was waiting for before pronouncing the Consummatum est [it is finished] (John 19: 30) of my redemptive work.”


(1) A nun who wished to remain anonymous.

Cum clamore valido, (With a loud cry), Paris 1943, p. 69-73

(Nihil obstat, Jos Du Bouchet, March 18, 1943. Imprimatur A. Leclerc, 28 May 1943).

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Source: “I was born by the martyrdom of Mary”

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