The Virgin Mary knew the hour of the Resurrection

No doubt the encounter between Mary and Jesus, in the early morning of the Sunday following the burial, was too intimate to report to us, but we could meditate on it with the words of Saint Vincent Ferrer, who traced a maybe simplified description of Mary’s attitude—an unwavering confidence in the words of her Son, and the understanding of the mystery of Jesus in the light of Scripture:

The Virgin was absolutely certain of the Resurrection of her Son since he had openly predicted it; but she did not know the time, because it was not specified anywhere. She spent the night of Holy Saturday, which seemed very long, reflecting on the possible time of the Resurrection. Knowing that David, more than the other Prophets, spoke of the Passion of Christ, she went through the psalter, but found no indication of the time. However, in Psalm 56, David, speaking in the person of the Father to his Son, says: “Awake, my glory, awake my harp and my zither.” And the Son answered, “I will awake at dawn…” When the Virgin Mary discovered the hour of the Resurrection, you can only imagine how eagerly she awaited daybreak.




Source: The Virgin Mary knew the hour of the Resurrection

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