On Ratzinger’s “Notes” There Is War Among Theologians. A Back and Forth – Settimo Cielo

The following text is the reply of a respected American theologian, Robert Imbelli, to the frontal attack launched against Joseph Ratzinger by two prominent representatives of the German Association of Moral Theologians, professors Christof Breitsameter and Stephan Goertz.

[Excerpt] In stark contrast, the statement of the eminent professors, officers of an Association of Moral Theologians, contains no reference to God or to his Christ. There is absolutely no hint of normative commitment to a Eucharistic vision and practice founded in the real Presence of Jesus Christ.

Though they have the effrontery to accuse Joseph Ratzinger of pursuing an “escapist approach to theology,” they themselves fail to manifest any sense of theology as an ecclesial disciple governed by “the rule of faith.” Rather, the impression conveyed is that contemporary culture provides the standards of authentic living to which the Church must submit. This is not the approach of true “aggiornamento,” but of rank capitulation.

One need not be a “contextual” theologian, therefore, to wonder whether the Association of Moral Theologians is instead an association of professors of ethics, groping toward some understanding of the good life that State-endowed university chairs in a late-capitalist society make possible for their occupants.

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Source: On Ratzinger’s “Notes” There Is War Among Theologians. A Back and Forth – Settimo Cielo – Blog – L’Espresso

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