Evangelist Alveda King: Genocide and Eugenics are Death Care; Injustice Anywhere…

ATLANTA, Sept. 10, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ — The following is submitted by Evangelist Alveda King:
British Prime Minister Theresa May is promoting foreign aid to Africa. Her so called “aid” is laced with abortion and chemical/artificial device laden death care. Chelsea Clinton is touting this same eugenic/genocidal death care agenda as an economic boon. Not to be left behind in advertising death care, Oprah Winfrey is telling women to “Shout Your Abortion!” What is the world coming to?

For the past three decades, I have traveled the globe to Africa, Europe, Middle East, Caribbean Islands and US, with a message of truth, hope, life and light. At every port, I always find this to be true – people all over the world have much in common. We are one blood/one human race. We all bleed the same.

As a young girl in college, our class studied Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. As we revisit his chart today, we can see that his principles align with Acts 17:26: as the One Blood/One Race Human Family, we all need and bleed the same.

This month, the opportunity to travel around the nation and appear on national Christian television (The Jim Bakker Show and TBN’s Praise show) as well as in the White House and the jail house presented itself. Also, a young millennial shared a quote with me from one of her mentors, Dr. Asa Hilliard, III, which I’ve shared in my electronic inspirational series “Pearls and Nuggets.”

“I have never encountered any children in any group who are not geniuses. There is no mystery on how to teach them. The first thing you do is treat them like human beings and the second thing you do is love them.” -Asa G. Hilliard III

In all of these experiences, one theme is so concurrent that it looms across the lands and around the world; as human beings, we are one race and one blood, and our souls are crying out for love and mercy. We don’t need death care. We need life care. We need to agree to love and forgive each other. We need to repent for our wrong doings and be forgiven. Finally, we need to Pray for America.

6 thoughts on “Evangelist Alveda King: Genocide and Eugenics are Death Care; Injustice Anywhere…


    The world has gone nuts
    each one acts like a klutz
    it’s all about me, only me
    thus destroying the family

    There are no more virtues
    the vices know no curfews
    each is his own god, master
    causing the world’s disaster

    They often act as wild animals
    Even dare to live as cannibals
    Everything that once was Holy
    is looked upon as if too lowly

    Pastors abandoning the flock
    discord is splitting the rock
    causing the sheep to be lost
    sacred values being tossed

    A small remnant lives hidden
    overt creed being forbidden
    waiting for God’s intervention
    for cleansing and redemption

    We cry out loud to You
    our Lord and Savior do
    please hasten Your coming
    hear our desperate longing

    Rita Biesemans
    October 24 2015
    Feast Day of saint Raphael


    Not a single day passes without killings
    done in the most cold and horrific ways
    each country has its dangerous villains
    driven to perform their latest craze

    Satan is a murderer and a thief
    he is spitting God in His Face
    he’s the devils commander in chief
    in the war against the human race

    The world drenched in total insanity
    is guided by leaders in moral decay
    causing the demise of us, humanity
    bringing us closer to Judgment Day

    O Lord, our Creator and Savior
    how long will You let this go on
    block this disgusting behavior
    of our new luciferian Babylon

    The world is a dangerous place
    morals are under satan’s antenna
    loving God is seen as a disgrace
    they choose to live in a Gehenna

    Satan knows his empire will end
    thus works like crazy to collect
    plenty of souls out of God’s Hand
    but soon his plans will be wrecked.

    Patiently,- not always o:( – waiting for
    Jesus’ return.
    Rita Biesemans, July 30 2016


    Our Lord and His Holy Mother
    are weeping bloody tears
    as their children don’t bother
    to live in perdition gears

    the tears splatter on rocky hearts
    on a demeanor of “who cares”
    as long as we don’t feel the smarts
    we’ll take care of our own affairs

    walking farther and farther away
    spitting and mocking God in His Face
    denying He made us out of the clay
    worshipping gods of the human race

    we think ourselves so enlightened
    we don’t need no Heavenly God
    no more need to be so frightened
    we join gladly the evil one’s squad

    while Heaven is crying
    the devils laugh
    the unrepentant dying
    join the devils’ staff

    The day will come
    that HE will say :
    “enough, enough
    no more rebuff ”

    Then the earthlings
    will cry to no avail
    Joe 6 packs nor Kings
    will escape eternal wail.

    Rita Biesemans April 26 2013 Feast Day of Our Lady of Good Counsel


    In a world so full of darkness
    hearts transform into harshness
    mouths are hurling insults
    living the Me, Me, Me cults

    A brother killing his brother
    a daughter killing her mother
    kids who choose rather
    than to obey, to kill the father

    a world drenched in the occult
    and in God refuses to exult
    has chosen its own direction
    thus asking for Your correction

    As in the times of NOAH, we are in the days
    You spoke of in so many different ways
    we live in the end of time as we know it
    in which finally Thy Kingdom will be legit

    Please Lord, let Your Light
    more than ever be so bright
    let it shine upon each faithful son
    to achieve the victory already won.

    Jesus will triumph in the final victory over the devil
    Rita Biesemans June 19 2014

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