From CMMB: Praying for five-year old Festus 🙏



Five-year old Festus in Mwandi, Zambia.

Today I want to share with you the story of a young boy named Festus. Tragically, his preventable death is a reminder of the important work we need to continue doing together.

Festus lived in a remote, poor community in Zambia. Because of lack of access to healthcare, he was born with a chronic condition that compromised his immune system. To make matters worse, nutritious food and clean water were always limited at home causing the young boy to become severely malnourished.

Two weeks ago, knowing that her son was very weak and ill, his mom brought him to the closest health facility. Festus was only 15 pounds (an average 5 year old boy weighs 40 lbs) when he arrived. Unfortunately, the life-saving medicine and nutritional supplements he desperately needed were not available. Our volunteer Erica told us:

“I watched as the life was being squeezed out from him. He couldn’t eat, talk, blink, walk. We did everything we could but it was too late. He died that evening. The worst part is that it was an entirely preventable death.”
—Erica, CMMB volunteer
Festus’ life was cut too short, but many other children can still be saved. Your gift can provide access to life-saving medicine for women, children, and communities living in extreme poverty. It is only through the generosity of compassionate friends like you that we can keep healthcare facilities stocked with medicines and nutritional support in some of the most vulnerable communities worldwide.

We have EXTENDED our Summer Match Campaign.  When you give $100, $200, $500, or any amount, we will match it dollar-for-dollar. Don’t wait. Double your impact by giving now.

Join me in praying for Festus, and other women, children, and communities living in poverty.

With heartfelt gratitude,

President and CEO
CMMB/Healthier Lives Worldwide

Healthier Lives Worldwide
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