Figments. If Instead of Bergoglio They Had Elected Cardinal Scola Pope – Settimo Cielo

In recent weeks, however, another cardinal of the highest caliber has taken the field to reiterate the ‘no’ to communion for the divorced and remarried: Angelo Scola, 77, the most voted-for – as rumor has it – in the first ballot of the conclave that ultimately elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

“The non-admissibility of the divorced and remarried to the Eucharist is not a punishment that can be taken away or reduced, but is inherent in the very character of Christian marriage, which, as I have said, lives on the foundation of the Eucharistic gift of Christ the bridegroom to his bride the Church. The result of this is that someone who has excluded himself from the Eucharist by establishing a new union can return to receiving the Eucharistic sacrament only by living in perfect chastity, as affirmed by the apostolic exhortation of John Paul II ‘Familiaris Consortio.’ But there is no hint of this in ‘Amoris Laetitia.’ It is not said that this guideline is no longer valid, but it is also not said that it is still valid. It is simply ignored. At the same time it is recalled that the Eucharist, as Saint Ambrose says, ‘is not a prize for the perfect but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak.’ Now it is true that the Eucharist also has a function of healing, but this statement cannot be used outside of what the conciliar constitution ‘Lumen Gentium’ says at number 11, on the ecclesial nature of the sacraments.”

Read what else Cardinal Scola has said here:

Source: Figments. If Instead of Bergoglio They Had Elected Cardinal Scola Pope – Settimo Cielo – Blog – L’Espresso

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