Jesus’ Wholly New Way of Life – The Catholic Thing

Anthony Esolen notes that the New York Times says Jesus never condemned homosexuality. Could someone at the Times deign to read the Bible once in a while?

“Outside of condemning adulterous behavior,” writes Timothy Egan for The New York Times, “Christ never said anything about whom you could love.” His piece, “The Catholic Church is Sick with Sex,” reads like a harangue fit for a local tabloid, though it reflects what many liberals in America want to think.

Egan trots out Pope Alexander VI for his scandalous private life, and Julius II, and, apparently only to show that the Church is miserably benighted and not for anything pertinent to her teachings on sex, Pius IX.

Egan also engages in the de rigueur establishment of his credentials, telling us that he is/was Catholic, and was taught by fair-minded Jesuits. 
But he doesn’t know anything and doesn’t care to find out.

I don’t have room to rehearse every falsehood and fallacy and bigoted refusal to entertain contrary arguments, or to trouble himself to find out what they are. “Women should be priests,” he says. “Duh.”

But since a lot of Catholics repeat that canard about Jesus not saying much about sex, let us actually look at what he does say.

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Source: Jesus’ Wholly New Way of Life – The Catholic Thing

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