The apparitions of Our Lady at Knock

On Thursday, August 21, 1879, at about 8 pm, at Knock in Co. Mayo, Ireland, Mary McLoughlin, 45, and Mary Byrne, 29, saw “luminous figures” on the gable wall of the parish church. Surprised, the two women took a closer look—it was an apparition of Our Lady.

There were fifteen official witnesses to the apparition, all of whom saw the Virgin for nearly two hours. The driving rain prevented some of them from staying until the end. Others left and then came back, witnessing the same scene: the Blessed Virgin appeared life-size in the attitude of prayer, with her eyes turned up towards heaven, a crown on her head and wearing a large white cloak fastened to the neck. Next to her were Saint Joseph and Saint John the Evangelist. The onlookers also saw the body of a lamb above and resting on an altar.

No vocal message was communicated during this silent apparition, but miraculous healings were reported. In 1879, the diocesan archbishop instituted a commission of inquiry, which issued a positive report the following year. In 1936, Bishop Gilmartin, Archbishop of Tuam, opened a Medical Findings Office to scientifically study the alleged cures, and he created a new commission of inquiry that reiterated the positive conclusions of 1880.

Knock, the “Irish Lourdes,” has continued to attract crowds. In 1979, Saint John Paul II came to Knock on one of his first trips. (1)


(1)  More recently, Pope Francis will visit Knock on August 26, 2018, during his stay in Ireland for the World Meeting of Families in Dublin


Adapted from Le Dictionnaire des apparitions, Fayard 2007 by Father René Laurentin and Knock Shrine


Source: The apparitions of Our Lady at Knock

One thought on “The apparitions of Our Lady at Knock


    Ireland waving the Rainbow flag
    is provoking the Almighty’s ire
    jubilating, while dressed in drag
    is sailing towards the eternal fire

    Ireland is blowing the retreat
    back to her pre-christian days
    following the devil’s deceit
    marching the wrongful ways

    The Shamrock is withering
    it’s a long way to Tipperary
    it’s slipping and slithering 
    on a dangerous itinerary

    St Patrick got rid of the snakes
    they now came back disguised
    as colorful ducks and drakes
    readying Ireland to be chastised

    That’s the world we’re living in
    God’s Laws are pushed aside
    living in the most deadly sin
    but by worldly laws we abide

    Rita Biesemans, May 24 2015 Pentecost
    Come Holy Spirit, Soul of my soul, I adore You, enlighten me, guide me, tell me what to do, give me Your orders. I promise You to submit myself to all that You desire of me, but please let me know Your Will. Amen

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