World Day Against Trafficking in Persons: Gendercide and Sexual Slavery in China

Photo Credit: Reuters/Stringer

This time last year, a report emerged that a Chinese woman from Anhui Province died after her husband pressured her into aborting four pregnancies in a year, because he wanted a son. The couple already had a four-year-old daughter. After the Two-Child Policy was instituted on January 1, 2016, they decided to have a second child, which the husband determined would be a boy. When the woman became ill because of the repeated abortions, her husband divorced her. Soon after, she died.

China’s shift to a two-child policy has not ended the sex-selective abortion of baby girls, especially second daughters.  Now, China has an estimated 30-40 million “bare branches” – men who will never find wives and will be unable to reproduce and carry on the family line. This alarming gender imbalance is the driving force behind sexual slavery in China.

This will be true for decades to come.  Even if China were to eliminate all coercive birth limitations now, even if cultural son preference were magically to disappear and gender ratios at birth were to normalize going forward, the effects of these changes would not be felt for decades.  In the meantime, China suffers under the unique, self-inflicted wound of sex-selective abortion driven by decades of coercive population control

This week (July 30) marks the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, the annual day to raise awareness of the estimated 21 million people who are victims of forced labor and sexual exploitation globally.  71 percent of these victims are women and girls.  Read More . . .

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Source: World Day Against Trafficking in Persons: Gendercide and Sexual Slavery in China

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