Our Lady guards over you!

For more than forty years, the devil tormented the Curé of Ars (Saint John Mary Vianney, universal patron saint of priests), rattling his bed at night and once even setting it on fire.

“You have taken 80,000 souls!” he shouted at the holy priest one day through the mouth of a possessed woman. Another time, he raged: “Vianney! Vianney! I’ll get you, I’ll get you. I am stronger than you!”

And suddenly, in a transport of fury, Satan, “the grapnel” as the holy priest of Ars called him, let this confession escape: “Ah… if she didn’t guard you, this * (he uttered a frightful blasphemy to designate Our Lady), if she didn’t guard you, I would have you already, but she guards over you!”

From Le Chapelet des enfants (The Children’s Rosary)

Read more on mariedenazareth.com:
Le St Curé d’Ars (1786-1869)

Source: Our Lady guards over you!

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