On Capital Punishment – The Catholic Thing

David Warren on the pope and death penalty: “Render unto Caesar . . .” was not a tactical feint. It embodies the whole Catholic attitude to the worldly.


I am no Vaticanist, and thus no expert to predict whether this will be his only formal alteration of the Catechism, or the first in a series. It provides a precedent that future popes may work with, alas. Bergoglio has broken the lock on the door, but I think he takes a longer view of his action.

On many fronts he has done, or proposed, something similar: “just one little change,” for instance, about admitting the divorced to Communion, or refusing to reply to reasonable dubia, or making whimsical statements on the afterlife and a great range of other topics, most memorably: “Who am I to judge?”

At a time when the Catholic Church endures spiritual catastrophe, he has decisively re-focused from the interior and sacred, to the exterior and profane – in effect from religion to politics, of an unmistakably left-liberal stamp, changing the demeanor of his office by his dress and gestures, his appointments, and so forth.

My impression – that he is systematically undermining the integrity of Catholic teaching, and politicizing what was once apolitical – may be discounted. It is only my opinion. In the realm of fact, I simply notice that the Church is at war within herself, with rival factions, “traditionalist” and “modernist.” One would have to be obtuse not to notice.

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Source: On Capital Punishment – The Catholic Thing

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