Grandma can do this

Sandra Merritt has a promise for Dr. Mary Gatter. “Mary, when you are out of business and the pro-life movement is out of business, when Roe v. Wade is overturned and abortion is illegal, pro-lifers will chip in and buy you a Lamborghini.”

The mainstream media identify Sandra Merritt as an “anti-abortion extremist.” Anti-abortion? Definitely. Extremist? Not really. I had the opportunity to talk to her about her experiences before and after the undercover investigation and found her a humorous, down-to-earth woman who likes to talk about her children and being a grandmother.

Despite all of the hardships she has faced and will continue to face, Sandra is at peace. She knows God called her into the project and God brought her to where she is. “It’s a beautiful journey,” she says. “Anybody can do this. Grandma can do this—anyone can.”

What can we do to help end abortion? “Whatever you’re doing, ask yourself if you can do just a little bit more,” Sandra urges. “If you can’t spend an hour in front of an abortion clinic, can you take two minutes and call your senator? Can you give a little bit more money to a pro-life organization? Whatever you do, ask yourself: ‘Can I do a little bit more?’”

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Source: Grandma can do this


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