From CMMB: TRIPLE Your Gift, TRIPLE Your Impact


I just donated!

Dr. Murphy has been healing the sick in Ghana for more than 11 years.

I am in awe of the inspiring people who work with CMMB. Let me tell you about James Murphy, one of our long-time volunteer doctors in northern Ghana.

He says, “I receive so much more than I give. Saving one life a week is more satisfaction than any other I can imagine. The gratitude from patients and their families warms my heart.”

Because of extreme poverty and a lack of quality care, many patients seek out Dr. Murphy after unsuccessful treatment by untrained “healers.” That’s why we’re working in remote communities to support and strengthen local healthcare with volunteers, training, and critical supplies.  With your help, we can end this kind of suffering.

Dr. Murphy says, “Has this experience been worth it? Yes. Working here has made me appreciate the goodness in all people.”
I hope you find Dr.Murphy as inspirational as we do. Your generous support makes it possible for extraordinary volunteers just like him, to put their faith into action and serve the poor. 
With gratitude,

President and CEO
CMMB/Healthier Lives Worldwide

Our mailing address is:


100 Wall Street, 9th Floor

New York, NY 10005



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