English: Church of the Assumption of the Bless...

English: Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Vilnius. Mother of God with St. Francis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We praise thee, O Mother of God: we confess thee, Mary, ever Virgin.

Thou art the Spouse of the Eternal Father: the whole earth venerates thee.

Thee all angels and archangels, thrones and principalities serve.

Thee all powers and all virtues of Heaven: and all dominations obey.

Before thee all the angelic choirs: the Cherubim and Seraphim exulting
With unceasing voice every angelic creature proclaims thee:

Holy, holy, holy: Mary, Mother of God and Virgin !

Full are the heavens and the earth: of the majesty and glory of the fruit
of thy womb.

Thee the glorious choir of Apostles: praise as the Mother of their Creator.

Thee the white-robed multitude of blessed martyrs: glorify as the Mother of

Thee the glorious army of Confessors: style the Temple of the Trinity.

Thee the amiable choir of holy virgins: preaches as the example of
virginity and humility.

Thee the whole heavenly court: honoureth as Queen.

The Church, invoking thee, calls thee throughout the whole world: Mother of
the Divine Majesty.

Venerating thee as the true Mother of the heavenly King: holy, sweet, and

Thou art the Lady of Angels: thou art the gate of Paradise.

Thou art the ladder of glory: and of the heavenly kingdom.

Thou art the bridal chamber: thou art the ark of piety and grace.

Thou art the vein of mercy: thou art the Spouse and the Mother of the
Eternal King.

Thou art the temple of the treasury of the Holy Ghost: thou art the noble
throne of the whole blessed Trinity.

Thou art the Mediatrix of God, and the lover of men: the heavenly
Illuminatrix of mortal men.

Thou art the inspirer of the warriors, the advocate of the poor: the
compassionate refuge of sinners.

Thou art the distributrix of gifts: the barrier against demons and the
proud, and their fear.

Thou art the Lady of the world, the Queen of Heaven: after God our only

Thou art the salvation of them that call upon thee: the harbor of the
shipwrecked, the solace of the wretched, the refuge of those who perish.

Thou art the Mother of all the blessed, full of joy after God: the comfort
of all the dwellers in Heaven.

Thou art the promotrix of the just, the one who gathers together those who
stray: the promise of the patriarchs.

Thou art the truth of the prophets, the herald and teacher of the Apostles:
the Mistress of the Evangelists.

Thou art the strength of martyrs, the example of confessors: the honor and
the festivity of virgins.

Thou hast received into thy womb the Son of God: to deliver exiled man.

By thee is driven out the ancient enemy: and the kingdoms of Heaven are
opened to believers.

Thou sittest together with thy Son: at the right hand of the Father.

Do thou intercede for us, O Virgin Mary: with Him who we believe will come
to judge us.

We beseech thee, therefore, help us, thy servants: who have been redeemed
with the Precious Blood of Thy Son.

Save thy people, O Lady: that we may be partakers of the inheritance of Thy

And rule us: and keep us forever.

Day by day, O loving one: we salute thee.

And we desire to praise thee forever: with both mind and voice.

Deign, O sweet Mary, now and forever: to keep us without sin.

Have mercy on us, O loving one: have mercy on us.

Let thy great mercy be upon us: because we trust in thee, O Virgin Mary.

In thee, O sweet Mary, we hope: do thou defend us forever.

Praise becometh thee; empire is thine: to thee be power and glory forever.

Mary superimposed on its Hebrew source מרים (M...

Mary superimposed on its Hebrew source מרים (Miryam/Miriam). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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