Bernie Sanders: Christophobe and (Indirectly) Islamophobe – The Catholic Thing

Fr. Mark Pilon writes that, in his hectoring of OMB nominee Russell Vought, Sen. Bernie Sanders showed himself to be the enemy of all religion.

When we hear about the persecution of Christians, we usually think of increasing attacks by radical Muslim extremists in Muslim majority countries around the world. But such persecution is also taking place in Western countries as well, though not in the forms of physical violence that we see elsewhere. It’s more subtle, and takes place in governments and private businesses – often below the media’s radar.

But an example of this kind of persecution was recently caught on camera during a confirmation hearing in the U.S. Senate. It has caused only a minor stir: the major media couldn’t care less, and the Senate itself is unlikely to do anything about it. Because, you see, the perpetrator was a darling of the media and many senators: Bernie Sanders. And it’s almost an article of faith in some quarters that Sanders is no Joe McCarthy – even if his attack on a Christian appointee, who is not Bernie’s kind of Christian, was vile by normal Senate standards of conduct.

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Source: Bernie Sanders: Christophobe and (Indirectly) Islamophobe – The Catholic Thing


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