From CMMB: A home for Father’s Day


Dear John,

Can you imagine living in a tent with your entire family for months? That’s the sad situation for hundreds of families living in extreme poverty in Haiti, still working to recover from Hurricane Matthew.

A mother of four, Dieunise told us:
Hurricane Matthew destroyed everything we had, our house, our animals, our gardens. After the storm, we moved to the tent.  We cannot rebuild. We pray that CMMB can continue helping this community. There are so many in need.
With the help of people like you, we have sent dozens of families back to their homes, but we need to do more. Your gift of $150 can help a family like Dieunise’s by providing all the building materials (including metal sheets, cement, wood, and nails) that husbands and fathers desperately need to rebuild their homes.
On Father’s Day, make a gift to honor one of the extraordinary men in your life, and give back to fathers in need.  We are counting on compassionate people like you to provide dignity and homes this Father’s Day.
Make Your Gift for Dads
In faith and friendship,

President and CEO
CMMB/Healthier Lives Worldwide

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