Français : Fresque dans l'Eglise de Bleialf Vi...

Français : Fresque dans l’Eglise de Bleialf Virgin Mary (with crown of stars) ascending to Trinity (Father, Son with cross, and dove of Holy Spirit) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whoever wishes to be saved, before all must hold a firm faith as to Mary.

Which unless anyone shall keep whole and inviolate: without doubt he shall
perish forever.

For she alone, remaining a virgin, hath brought forth: she alone hath
destroyed all heresies.

Let the Jew be confounded and ashamed: who says that Christ was born from
the seed of Joseph.

Let the Manichean be confounded who says: that Christ has an unreal body.

Let all be ashamed who say: that He derives His Body from any other source
than Mary.

For the very same Son, who is the only-begotten of the Father in the
Godhead: is the true and only begotten Son of the Virgin Mary.

In Heaven without a mother: on earth without a father.

For as the rational soul and the flesh because of the union in man is truly
born from man: so Christ, both God and Man, is truly begotten by Mary, the

Clothing Himself with flesh from the flesh of the Virgin: because so it
behooved the human race to be redeemed.

Who according to the Divinity is equal to the Father: but according to His
Humanity is less than the Father.

Conceived of the Holy Ghost in the womb of the Virgin Mary, and announced
by the Angel: but nevertheless the Holy Spirit is not His Father.

Begotten in the world of the Virgin Mary without pain of the flesh: because
He was conceived without carnal delight.

Whom the Mother hath fed with her milk: her breast full of heaven.

Whom the Angels surrounded as attendants at birth: announcing great joy to
the shepherds.

He it is who was adored by the Magi with gifts, who fled from Herod into
Egypt, who was baptized by John in the Jordan: was betrayed, seized,
scourged, crucified, dead, and buried.

Who rose again with glory: and ascended into Heaven.

Who sent the Holy Spirit upon His disciples: and upon His Mother.

Whom He in the end took up into Heaven: where she sitteth at the right hand
of her Son, never ceasing to make intercession for us.

This is the faith of the Virgin Mary: which, unless anyone faithfully and
firmly believes, he cannot be saved.


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