What’s At Stake in the Left’s Effort to Redefine ‘Sex’ in Pennsylvania Law

Wolf, named America’s most liberal governor

A new effort from the far left in Pennsylvania would reverse the state’s reputation as a bastion of tolerance and civility.

Now, in the face of a legislative stalemate, the Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission is making an end run around the legislature to impose a freedom-robbing policy through a bureaucratic agency that was founded to guard our civil liberties.

The Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission’s website www.phrc.pa.gov, is inviting public comment on the proposed guidance via email to chreese@pa.go through Friday, May 26.

“This change in guidance by the [Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission] effectively means a change in law, a change that would be devastating to personal privacy and religious liberty,” said Randall Wenger, chief counsel of the Independence Law Center.

“That’s why it’s important that lovers of liberty make their voice heard to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission during their public comment period.”

Lovers of the legitimate, constitutional lawmaking process may wish to chime in as well.

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Source: What’s At Stake in the Left’s Effort to Redefine ‘Sex’ in Pennsylvania Law


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