Icon Weeping Again In Syria | Spirit Daily Blog

An icon in Syria that last exuded oil in 2001 has begun emanating again, according to a source close to the situation.

Read about it here:

Source: Icon Weeping Again In Syria | Spirit Daily Blog


2 thoughts on “Icon Weeping Again In Syria | Spirit Daily Blog


    O dearest Mother, Lady of Sorrows
    crying for our todays and tomorrows
    ‘cause we, Your children don’t care
    to listen to Your warnings to prepare
    for the coming abomination
    and possible eternal damnation
    if we don’t return to the Lord
    and throw our Salvation overboard
    Even seeing You cry bloody tears
    does not make us change any gears
    but what else can one expect
    when Church leaders misdirect
    and transform a saintly Lucas
    into a devil possessed Judas
    betraying Jesus as did Iscariot
    while they ride their fancy chariot
    not pulled by a donkey but by a jaguar
    using diversity and coexistence as an avatar
    The days are approaching that the real Church
    will have to hide, away from the vicious smirch
    Jesus Your Son is being crucified again
    by the pride and the ingratitude of men
    I want to dry Your tears, my sweet Mother
    your pain and sufferings I want to smother
    by following Your Son our Savior
    through an obedient and docile behavior

    Rita Biesemans, September 15 2014
    Feast Day of Our Lady of Sorrows, I love You so much, my Heavenly Mother

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