From Louvain To Rome, the Euthanasia of “Non-negotiable Principles” – Settimo Cielo –

There has been an uproar over events at the Catholic University of Louvain, which has suspended and finally dismissed one of its philosophy professors, Stéphane Mercier, for having written in a note for his students that “abortion is the murder of an innocent person.”

The matter is not surprising, seeing the track record of this university which is nonetheless endowed with the title of “Catholic,” the hospital of which has for some time been openly practicing euthanasia procedures, “from 12 to 15 per year,” according to the rector of the twin Flemish university of Leuven, the canonist Rik Torfs.

But what is more striking is the substantial approval that the bishops of Belgium have given to the removal of Professor Mercier.

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Source: From Louvain To Rome, the Euthanasia of “Non-negotiable Principles” – Settimo Cielo – Blog – L’Espresso

3 thoughts on “From Louvain To Rome, the Euthanasia of “Non-negotiable Principles” – Settimo Cielo –

  1. I’ve been to that University in Louvain (Leuven in Flemish,it’s a Flemish City), the Walloons (French speaking) call it Louvain-pronounced differently than in English).
    The Catholic Church in Belgium is completely off track, I wouldn’t be able to live there anymore. If you don’t accept and follow the modernization they push you aside and even persecute and denigrate you !!!!
    Please Lord hasten Your coming to cleanse Your Church, we cry out loud to You, come our Savior, help us !!!

  2. It’s not only Belgium but almost all of Europe has lost the Faith! Sad times we live in. There is very little fear and love of God these days. That’s why Our Lady has appeared so many times in this past 100 years, to bring souls back to worship and prayer. God bless your Holy Week, Rita+

  3. absolutely true deacon John, and the millenial generation is lost if God doesn’t intervene. I’m waiting for the “Warning” so we will know how God sees our sins and we can do whatever is needed to change and sin no more (although this will be impossible as long as we are on this earth.
    Thanx for your Holy week wishes, may God bless you in abundance this week, thank you for all you do for Him.
    Rita ++++++ blessings

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