RORATE CÆLI: “Papalotry” is real

Last month my wife and I visited a Catholic religious store, looking for something to give one of our children as a present for a baptismal anniversary. We found something suitable — a lovely pewter cross featuring a medallion in the center showing the image of our child’s name saint.
It was one of several such pewter crosses, each of them featuring a different saint or archangel. But we were soon horrified to find that one of the pewter crosses at the store had neither a heavenly saint nor an angel. So shocked were we that we took this quick snapshot using the camera on my wife’s cellular phone:
The image quality may not be easy for all eyes to make out, but surrounding the image of Pope Francis is this inscription: “Pope Francis, pray for us.”
It should not be necessary to explain why this is completely and utterly un-Catholic — in fact, a grievous offense against all piety and devotion.

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Source: RORATE CÆLI: “Papalotry” is real


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