New Liturgical Movement: Two Articles of Interest, by Martin Mosebach and Stuart Chessman

Here are a couple of recent articles which will certainly be of interest to our readers, and which I think it profitable to read together, as I will explain below. The first is a lengthy piece in First Things by Martin Mosebach, called “The Return to Form”, subtitled “A Call for the Restoration of the Roman Rite.” It is fairly long, but certainly worth reading in its entirety; I was especially struck by his take on the nature of what Pope Benedict did for the liturgy as a whole when he promulgated Summorum Pontificum.

“When Pope Benedict had the greatness of soul to issue Summorum Pontificum, he not only reintroduced the Roman Rite into the liturgy of the Church but declared that it had never been forbidden, because it could never be forbidden. No pope and no council possess the authority to invalidate, abolish, or forbid a rite that is so deeply rooted in the history of the Church.

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Source: New Liturgical Movement: Two Articles of Interest, by Martin Mosebach and Stuart Chessman


6 thoughts on “New Liturgical Movement: Two Articles of Interest, by Martin Mosebach and Stuart Chessman

  1. I grew up with the Latin Mass and we went to daily Mass (High
    School was for me 6 years Latin-Greek Humanities in a
    Boarding School).
    But the respect, the quiet, the Eucharistic Veneration was
    tangible during the Holy Mass. After Communion there was
    a 15 minutes complete stillness, our hearts and spirits
    communicating with Jesus and venerating Him, so much
    peace and quietness that you would have been able to hear a
    needle fall. The connection with Jesus received in the Holy
    Host was strong and we felt our heart beating with love for
    Jesus. The Chapel was accessible the whole day. Being in
    the Chapel gave us such a strong bond with Jesus, we really
    felt His presence and His Godliness. O how I long for those
    days, now with the Novus Ordo it’s like going to a social
    meeting, shaking hands, laughter, NO RESPECT for Jesus.
    I have no words enough to describe the disgust.
    I can only pray and pray that the Lord will NOT postpone His coming to cleanse this world and to renew His Church !!! Riki

    • Oh, how I agree with you Riki! I’m 80 years old and remember those early days, but not too well, as my memory is not as sharp as it use to be. In the late 80’s and early 90’s I did attend a Traditional Latin Mass in NYC and sometimes served the priest. I certainly miss those moments of my life! Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Mother Mary! Thank you, St. Joseph!

  2. you are 2 years older than my eldest sister who is 4 years older than me o:) o:) o:)
    Yep, memory sometimes fails with the years, but the Daily Latin Mass is carved in my brain. I still so remember the intimacy between the Lord Jesus and me after Holy Communion.
    But Our Lady warned in Her messages, was it at La Salette ? Fatima ? Garabandal ? about the decadence of the Church. But the day will come that the Lord will restore His Church and this earth, and it will be more sacred, splendid and beautiful than ever before.
    May God bless you in abundance this day and ongoing. Thank you deacon john for everything you do for Him.
    Rita ( Riki as my hubby calls me as to my Hebrew name Rivka)

  3. At Garabandal, Our Lady said: “Less and less importance is given to the Holy Eucharist!” We see that now, where parishioners pass the Tabernacle without recognizing Our Lord’s Presence, never mind even bowing their head or genuflecting! But the Great Miracle to come will be Eucharistic and convert the world! Our Lady then said: “All will love our Hearts!” May the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary come soon!


    O my Lord Jesus, I’ve grown so tired
    of this psychotic brave new world of ours
    belief in God almost completely expired
    but they surrendered to satanic powers

    I’m a stranger to this “selfie” generation
    In love and charity I was raised to behave
    not in a ‘me me me’ and myself adoration
    the left hand knew not what the right gave

    I hear you My child, I was waiting for you
    come sit with Me, surrender your frustration
    I will comfort you with My refreshing dew
    with Me, you’ll find no worldly aggravation

    I understand you all too well, My child,
    My heart brakes looking at My creation
    they give Me blasphemy and run wild
    preferring to end up in eternal damnation

    O my Jesus, my Savior, I love You so much
    I offer You all my pain and daily sorrows
    do with me whatever You want, Your touch
    will heal me in my todays and tomorrows

    Without You my Almighty Heavenly Father
    I wouldn’t be able to overcome this world
    without You life would be more of a disaster
    In You the most beautiful future unfurled

    Thank You Lord for creating me and saving me.
    Your child I am forever.
    Rita Biesemans, February 6 2016


    I can live without fancy goods
without flamboyant clothes or foods
but not without my Jesus, my God, my Lord
My Master, my Savior, my eternal Reward

    Although You, I don’t deserve
don’t let me make the swerve
from the saving, Heavenly route
I would be lost without a doubt

    I hear You say : I set you apart
feel the beating of My Heart
it beats with love for you
believe it or not, but it is true

    Ask Me everyday for this gift

    for My love for you knows no thrift

    for you I still have so much in store
but first go close the back door


I won’t allow you to escape
from the stage of the great reshape
once completed I might call you home
freed from the human pressure dome.

    Thank you, My daughter for visiting Me, for consoling Me in MY loneliness.

Rita Biesemans, December 15 2013

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