Where Do You Get That Living Water? | Interrupting the Silence

John 4:11. “The woman said to [Jesus], ‘Sir, you have no bucket and the well is deep. Where do you get that living water?’”

The Samaritan woman’s question about living water is not just a question; it is also a confession. She doesn’t have “living water” and doesn’t know where to get it. I know this woman, and I understand her. Maybe you do too.

I have plunged my thirsty bucket into many a well, as I suspect we all have. I can see the tempting lips of the wells of relationships, work and busyness, success, accomplishment, reputation, perfectionism, easy answers and well-earned control. I’ve drunk deeply from each of them. I left just as thirsty as when I arrived.

The living water Christ offers is not found in wells of opinions or words, of what I have accomplished, or of my self-made security. The living water Christ offers gushes from a holy spring within each of us—within our Samaritan sister. That bottomless well, primed by the Holy Spirit, has always been there.

Source: Where Do You Get That Living Water? | Interrupting the Silence


2 thoughts on “Where Do You Get That Living Water? | Interrupting the Silence

  1. That’s why Saint Joseph, whose Feast Day it is today, is exactly the one who had the Source of the Living Water daily gushing over him.

    Joseph, humble, silent vase
    of splendor and abundant grace
    protector, defender of our Lord
    as a strong and flaming sword

    Joseph, most just, most pure
    what no man could ever ensure
    guardian of the holy house
    stronghold of your Holy Spouse

    Joseph, treasurer of the Heavenly King
    for Whom the angels in adoration sing
    so underestimated in the world’s eyes
    with whom you never did compromise

    Joseph, without titles behind your name
    you never sought perishable fame
    you were an honest simple worker
    envied and attacked by the evil lurker

    Joseph, example of husband and father
    you never thought of yourself, but rather
    in obedience to God, with love and humility
    you shouldered the caring responsibility

    Joseph, assist us in our daily tasks
    never forsake us nor the one who asks
    to be non-judgmental and steadfast
    to obtain those virtues of yours at last.

    Rita Biesemans March 19, 2011

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