The Church Teaches – and Judges – Consciences – The Catholic Thing

Fr. Timothy Vaverek: dictates of conscience may be binding, but not all judgments are. We must be guided by the Magisterium.

Contrary to recent innovations, the Church has consistently taught that a judgment of conscience cannot appeal to “the greater good” to justify evil actions, such as targeting civilians during war, contraception, or sexual relations outside a valid marriage. Those making such appeals must set aside the fallible judgment of their conscience in favor of the Gospel proclaimed by the Church. Of course, they must obey their conscience if it erroneously commands the action. The Church, however, can still seek to dissuade and correct them, even withholding Holy Communion, in order to lead them and others from harmful behaviors to healthy ones. This in no way judges their personal culpability or denies them access to God’s grace.

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Source: The Church Teaches – and Judges – Consciences – The Catholic Thing

This article reminds me of the time, many years ago, in confession, I asked the priest about contraception and he responded: “Use your own conscience!” I was totally confused because my conscience said it was wrong to use anything that would stop the flow of life. I was looking for a wrong answer from the priest to my question on whether it was ok or not to use contraception. I then had to find out myself what the Church taught and it confirmed my conscience that contraception use was a sin!

It brought me much peace to know the Truth!


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