Those Pesky Cell Phones During Mass | Courageous Priest

Before we get  to read what Fr. John has to say about cell phones, let me tell a couple of stories:

A priest was giving his homily during Mass. Someones cell started to ring. He got upset and said “how rude it was for someone to let their phones ring while the priest is speaking. Just then his phone, which he forgot to shut off rang. Embarrassed, he remarked: Oh, that’s God with a message for me!”

Another priest friend told me he was hearing confessions and forgot to shut off his phone, guess what, it started to ring as a penitent was confessing his sins! Another embarrassing moment in the life of a priest!

Now to Fr. John’s rant and rave: 

The Devil’s Den of Distraction By Fr. John Lankeit:

[Excerpt] As a priest who celebrates an average of eight to twelve Masses per week, I invite you to consider the epidemic of cell phone disruption during Mass—from a priest’s perspective. In my experience, we priests hear an average of three or more phone intrusions per Mass—whether the device is ringing, or beeping/chiming to indicate the arrival of an email or “Tweet”. Multiply that number by eight to twelve Masses per week, and a priest must endure this devilish distraction somewhere in the neighborhood of 24 to 36…or MORE…times per week! And most often, it’s not just one ring…or one beep. Sometimes the phone’s owner lets it ring—and RING—and RING—all through the Scripture readings…and even during the Consecration!

What else did he say? Click here.

Source: Those Pesky Cell Phones During Mass | Courageous Priest


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