The Eighth Deadly Sin – The Catholic Thing

Deacon James H. Toner on the need to learn and proclaim what the Catholic Church actually teaches. Not to do so is cowardice.

Many people are confused about what the Church teaches these days. So to get us started down a different path, I’ve compiled just a few points of reference from The Catechism of the Catholic Church, still our most authoritative and comprehensive guide to the Faith.

Adam and Eve were real people and our first parents (CCC, #375)

Human nature is fallen and prone to sin (407)

The devil exists and tempts us (395)

Marriage is a sacrament and is indissoluble (1601)

Regardless of motive, euthanasia is a murder (2277)

Contraception is sinful (2370)

Abortion is a monstrous evil (2271)

In-vitro fertilization is morally unacceptable (2377)

Homosexual practice is intrinsically disordered, and same-sex marriage is morally intolerable (2357)

Women priests are impermissible (1577)

Mortal sin exists (1861)

Hell exists (1033)

Let’s speak bluntly: many “Catholics” who abjectly fail to ground their politics, their lectures, their writing, and – it must be said – their homilies in Catholic truth are sophisticated cowards.

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Source: The Eighth Deadly Sin – The Catholic Thing


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