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Below is a link to an article by Fr. Mark Pilon. His experience at an anti-abortion protest back in 1970 reminds me of the time my wife Marianne (RIP) picketed a Catholic function in NYC that had invited many Pro-abortionists to attend and speak. She with the other Pro-Life women there were called names by the clergy who were entering  and certainly were the black sheep of the 1970’s. Many cried that day, realizing how many babies would be slaughtered through the non-caring clergy, who were more interested in having their picture taken with the infamous politicians! Here’s an excerpt from Fr. Pilon’s article:


McElroy photo-op at the Mexican border [photo by Chris Stone]


In 1970, I took part in an early anti-abortion protest in Washington D.C. at George Washington University Hospital. It was intended to be a sit-in at the offices where hospital employees interviewed women seeking abortions. The hospital was violating the laws of the District of Columbia, which back then still prohibited abortion. But abortions were being performed at the hospital nonetheless.

Our purpose was simply to demand that the hospital comply with the laws of the District of Columbia. Protesters never got beyond the entrance to the office building and were hit with pepper spray to force them from the entrance. Several of us were arrested (I was not) for trying to prevent ourselves from being sprayed, another example of the victims being arrested while the perpetrators went free. The case against the protesters was extremely weak and eventually was dropped.

What was notable about this incident was the way the Catholic bishops responded at the time. Most took no notice at all, but the bishops who did respond were obviously embarrassed that Catholics would be involved in such disruptive behavior. It was one thing to resist abortion by words, but quite another to actually engage in actions that disrupted public order.

Since this was a peaceful protest, they were not criticizing violent attacks, but nonviolent actions that would shut down a public institution, even if that institution was engaging in taking the lives of the unborn. Not only did we get no financial help with fines and legal fees resulting from the arrests, but we were clearly designated the black sheep of the Catholic Church.

How things have changed. Now we have San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy advocating “disruptive” actions to accomplish his favored political goals.

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