Letter #10, 2017: “Not flesh and blood”: What is the true narrative of the pontificate of Pope Francis? By Robert Moynihan – Inside The Vatican

What is Pope Francis doing?

And why is he doing it?

The striking characteristic of this pontificate, now about to complete its 4th year, has been the praise it has received from “the world.”

The world’s media have never ceased to praise Francis from the moment of his election.

At the same time, many in the more “traditional” Catholic media have increasingly become critical of Pope Francis.

The mainstream global media have praised Francis for “breaking with (hidebound, rigorist) Church tradition.”

They have said that this “break” consists of his emphasis on “mercy” (for sinners) and “charity” (for the poor, and for the planet itself) over against the more traditional focus on “repentance” (from sin, with a purpose of amendment) and on seeking to become “holy” (to live in a state of profound mystical communion with God, a state of communion which once was spoken of as a “state of grace,” implying a state of communion as well with the entire created world).

And the traditional Catholic have blamed Pope Francis for precisely this same alleged shift in emphasis.

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Source: Letter #10, 2017: “Not flesh and blood” – Inside The Vatican


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