When it comes to liturgy, we’re all mutually-enriching mongrels

One of the many problems with Latin liturgical reform over the last 40 years was being too heavily influenced by German and Swiss sources, and not enough by Byzantine ones.  by Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille


If we are to stand outside of ourselves and worship God with the whole heavenly host, then surely love demands that we spare no effort and no expense to make things as beautiful as possible, including not just buildings, but all the liturgical accoutrements needed. This will cost money. Ask people to sacrifice, and tell them while doing so that the money taken to build beautiful churches will not snatch food away from starving babies. This is a slander advanced by bores. Pay them no mind.

Your mind, indeed your whole self, should be taken outside of itself so that, after every liturgy, you can, as with the emissaries of Grand Prince Vladimir to the Great Church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, exclaim in : “I knew not whether I was in heaven or on earth. But I cannot forget that beauty. Only this I know: that here God dwells with us!” Let that be the standard and the goal for all liturgy, Eastern and Western, ordinary and extraordinary. God deserves no less—and so do His people.

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Source: When it comes to liturgy, we’re all mutually-enriching mongrels | Catholic World Report – Global Church news and views


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