What’s Happening – and Where We’re Headed by Fr. Timothy Vaverek

Fr. Timothy Vaverek writes that the Amoris Laetitia controversy really reflects its rootedness in subjectivism, which always makes conscience a false guide.


The pre-existing struggle over Subjectivism explains how a few inconclusive passages in a simple papal exhortation have been taken as justifying fundamental changes in Church belief and practice. Otherwise, the passages would have been interpreted and the pastoral issues resolved in continuity with all that came before.

The Blind Leading the Blind by Peter Bruegel the Elder, 1568 [Museo di Capodimonte, Naples]

Instead, we see an effort to promote practices regarding marriage and morality that – regardless of the interpreters’ intentions – accord with the subjectivism of the already-refuted moral theologies of the past fifty years. Particularly at risk are the truths that:

1) the Gospel taught by the Church is a realistic norm of behavior rather than merely a guide or an ideal;

2) in every circumstance God gives the grace to live the Gospel norm;

3) a valid marriage is permanent, and

4) marriage, conscience, and reception of Holy Communion are Christological and ecclesial rather than strictly private.

We know from the HV crisis what happens next. Once false beliefs and practices are publicly allowed or mandated, it will become almost impossible to call the misled bishops, priests, theologians and faithful back to fidelity even through determined pastoral efforts lasting decades.

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Source: What’s Happening – and Where We’re Headed – The Catholic Thing


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