TV Land shows “Teachers” as perverted and gross!


February 07, 2017
Dear Friends,

The cast of “Teachers”

The innocence of our children is once again under attack and the teachers in our educational system are portrayed as immoral, lewd and vulgar feminists.

TV Land’s new show “Teachers” has just aired, and it’s sickening. From the trailers, it’s clear to see that teachers are portrayed as vulgar, crass, impure, and promote this behavior to their students. The show is full of sexual innuendos and disturbing scenes.

TV Land

TV Land (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the teachers, Mrs. Adler, has her classroom decorated with items related to witchcraft. Alongside her file drawer labeled “English” is “Necromancy (communication with the dead through witchcraft), paranormal, superstitions, possession, spells, etc.” The rest of the classroom is covered with silhouettes of witches on brooms, a voodoo doll, a pentagram and skulls.Protect the innocence of your kids from the show “Teachers!”

Another scene depicts a teacher workshop lead by two of the main characters demonstrating how the teachers can feel more empowered.

The solution?

…become a B*tch!

This is a completely inaccurate portrayal of our teachers, and it’s not entertainment. It glorifies immorality, revolt against authority, vulgarity and the feminist agenda.

Tell TV Land that “Teachers” is not entertainment

Is this how TV Land thinks “teachers” are supposed to educate our children? It’s a mockery of every wholesome teacher and their legitimate authority.

If our beloved teachers behaved as this insulting show portrays them, it would follow that they would encourage the very scenes in the show of students revolting against teachers, making lewd comments and using foul language as shown in the trailers.

Tell TV Land the cut this show that portrays our teachers as vulgar, immoral and providing a horrible example for children.

Until next time, I remain

Sincerely yours,

John Horvat
Tradition Family Property

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One thought on “TV Land shows “Teachers” as perverted and gross!

  1. I have never given this, despicable so called program any ratings…I only seen parts of this while viewing TV… All I can say is ((GOOD RIDDANCE’S))

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