The Maltese Church once defied secularization. Now its bishops have surrendered by William Oddie

The issue was secularization. The Maltese Church was tooth and nail opposed to it. Now, its two bishops have not only surrendered to it, but have declared themselves its willing collaborators. Divorced-and-remarried Catholics who are living as if they were married – who in other words are engaging in what the Catechism of the Catholic Church calls “public and permanent adultery” (CCC 2384) – “cannot”, the Maltese bishops declare, “be precluded from participating in … the Eucharist”. This simply contradicts the unbroken and unanimous teaching barring such Catholics from reception of Holy Communion. The bishops have in effect declared that the Church has all along been wrong and the secular culture right.

The Church is now descending into a state of implicit and sometimes explicit civil war, between bishops who say the Church has been wrong, and bishops who publicly or privately denounce them for saying it.

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Source: The Maltese Church once defied secularisation. Now its bishops have surrendered –


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