Discover God’s Mercy with Marriage

I’m posting this link to the post about God’s mercy and marriage because my wife and I were married over 52 years before she passed away in 2013. Every marriage has its ups and downs but through God’s mercy, Our Lady’s intervention and our prayers, we struggled through the tough times as well as the many wonderful and happy times. Through all our material sufferings and my wife’s health problems, Christ and our Mother Mary never left us to ourselves but always granted us the graces and material things we needed to survive. I will always be eternally grateful to Almighty God for bringing us together and giving us our children!

Deacon John

Marital Fidelity and God’s Fidelity  by Fr. Timothy V. Vaverek

[Excerpt] In the present crisis regarding marriage, those who say it is sometimes impossible for Christians to remain faithful to the vow made to a spouse and to God (such as when the marriage is irreparably broken or has been replaced by a second union) have forgotten the meaning of Christ, the human person, marriage, and the cosmos, which all declare the glory of God and his fidelity. This is no development of doctrine or relaxing of Church discipline. It is the complete overthrow of the Christian vision of God and human existence.

What else did he say? Click here.

Source: Discover God’s Mercy with Marriage | Courageous Priest


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