New Prospects on the 44th March for Life – The Catholic Thing #EWTN

Hadley Arkes looks forward to today’s March for Life and to the new nominee to replace Justice Scalia and to a new era of pro-life action.

The longtime readers of this column have heard the installments, played over the years, of “the most modest first step in legislating on abortion,” the bill that barred the killing of a child who survived an abortion. That proposal sprung from a draft I had written for G.H.W. Bush in 1988. But it took until 2002 until that bill was passed into law and signed by George W. Bush. The bill was called, in that awful legislative language, the “Born-Alive Infants’ Protection Act.”

But the penalties were stripped from that original bill for the sake of averting a veto from President Clinton in 2000. The Act would serve as a “teaching bill” – its purpose would be to plant premises in the law: namely, that even the child marked for abortion may have a claim to the protections of the law at some point. Still, without penalties, the bill was virtually unenforceable. And in recent years, we discovered that there was far more of this killing than my allies and I had known at the time. Then came the news of the abattoir run by “Dr.” Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia.

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Source: New Prospects on the 44th March for Life – The Catholic Thing


2 thoughts on “New Prospects on the 44th March for Life – The Catholic Thing #EWTN

  1. some 20 years ago a nurse colleague of mine was talking about abortions and morning after pill and anti-pregnancy devices and remarrying in the Catholic Church. I said to her : you told me that you are a catholic, how then can you agree with all that, it doesn’t make any sense, it’s totally in opposition to the Church’s teaching.
    Her answer shocked me !!! She said : “Oh but we here in the USA, we do our own thing, we don’t listen to Rome, our Bishops and priests have their own opinions !!! ”
    I can still hear her say that even after 20 years it resounds in my ears, heart and soul and the only thing I can do is pray even more for the conversion of America.

    • Believe me, I’ve seen and heard this too. Sadly, this error has spread throughout the Catholic world, with many following the wrong road. We pray daily that Almighty God will correct the conscience of the world soon!

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