Letter #4, 2017: Knight of Malta and Freemasonry – Inside The Vatican

January 25, 2017, Wednesday — Knights of Malta and Freemasonry

The Plot Thickens

Yesterday, the Grand Master of the 13,000-strong Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, Fra Matthew Festing, hurried across Rome from his order’s headquarters near the Spanish Steps, on the most luxurious shopping street in all of Rome, the via Condotti, toward Vatican City.

Pope Francis had summoned him to a meeting.

At about 5 in the afternoon, Festing entered the Vatican and proceeded to the Domus Santa Marta guest house, where the Pope lives.

There, the two men huddled for a private meeting.

At the end of the meeting, Pope Francis asked Festing to submit his resignation as the head of the Knights of Malta.

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Source: Letter #4, 2017: Knight of Malta and Freemasonry – Inside The Vatican


One thought on “Letter #4, 2017: Knight of Malta and Freemasonry – Inside The Vatican

  1. When I was in 2nd year High School Latin-Greek Humanities in a nun-run boarding school in the 1950″s, we had the ”SPEKPATER’ (type his name in on Wikipedia and you’ll find who he was) preaching during one of our yearly retreat weeks. One day he told us : “For know that there are priests being trained and formed at the KRIM (Russia) to infiltrate the Church, to spread false teachings in order to corrupt and ruin the Church.” This made such an impact and impression on my soul that I will never forget it. Rita Biesemans

    in the 1980’s a Church in Brussels opened her doors to the socialist party to hold their spaghetti feast. They used the church to cook and the altars to eat on. A colleague (in those days) nurse-midwife of mine who was a fervent freemason and socialist told me : ” I put my child on the altar and told her dance on it, trample on it as hard as you can and she enjoyed seeing her do this”!!!!. “Shame on the Judas in our Church who opened the doors for such an event.” But yes as they so proudly said after Vatican II : the Pyramid is turned upside down, before the people=the basis all pointed to the point of the Pyramid, to God. Now we have the basis (the people) up and the point (God) at the bottom.(a student-nurse colleague of mine who was a seminarian before but left said that’s what they taught them as seminarians)
    The purification of the Church and the World has become inevitable.
    By the way I was not allowed to wear my Cross around my neck but that freemason charge nurse wore proudly her torch with the 6 happy humans around her neck. Nobody said anything, of course not they could do whatever they wanted. It was awful I cried and cried out to the Lord to take me away from there. He did, I’m here now 22 years, and it deeply hurts me to see the morals and faith deteriorating in the USA.

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