When We Can’t Go On: 10 Bible Verses About Weariness

Sometimes Christians feel just like that. We get tired of what we’re doing, at home or at work or at church, and we wonder how we’re going to go on. Perhaps our church commitments feel like a burden, or our family life. We seem to achieve something and then it all goes wrong and we have it all to do again.

In the Bible, God recognizes the reality of weariness. Sometimes he himself is weary of our sins. More often, he recognizes our weariness and promises help. He is deeply involved in our human condition.

Here are 10 verses about weariness.

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 Come to me, all you that labor, and are burdened, and I will refresh you.

Source: When We Can’t Go On: 10 Bible Verses About Weariness | Christian News on Christian Today


2 thoughts on “When We Can’t Go On: 10 Bible Verses About Weariness


    I could swim in the tears I shed
    but the thing is : I can’t swim
    I will soon float on my waterbed
    for my cup is filling to the brim

    Didn’t you say : you would follow Me
    on the Way to the Cross
    that was planted on Calvary
    don’t look at it as being dross

    This is the best investment
    you could ever have made
    give it a reassessment
    and all your sorrows will fade

    I know all too well deep in my heart
    that nothing happens without Your consent
    sometimes though it can be very tart
    and You, went through it till the end

    Daughter, take up your cross after Me
    and keep walking in My Footsteps
    that’s how you will win the Grand Prix
    without driving any extra laps.

    Always keep your handkerchiefs or tissues handy
    Rita Biesemans, December 13 2013

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