Fatima 2017: On Popes and Kings Deposed by Patrick Archbold

For Fatima watchers, 2017 is already shaping up to be a year to watch. Chaos and crisis have enveloped the Church. The faith and the faithful seem to be under perpetual attack, both from inside and outside the Church. Russia, God’s chosen instrument of chastisement is on the move and internet news searches for “war with Russia” return more articles than one can read. World politics is in turmoil as evidenced by the Brexit vote and Trump’s victory.   All this as we enter the 100th year of Our Lady’s appearance, requests, and warnings at Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

As humans, we are naturally prone to give significance to anniversaries and we love round numbers. So it is entirely human and natural to wonder if, on the 100th anniversary of the most stunning apparition and miracle, that testified to dire warnings, that perhaps, just perhaps God has something great and terrible in store for us this year.

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Source: The Remnant Newspaper – Fatima 2017: On Popes and Kings Deposed

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