The Psalter of the Blessed Virgin Mary by St. Bonaventure – Preface’ve been reading and praying daily the Psalter of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Saint Bonaventure and I thought these beautiful psalms should be shared to my reader friends because they are so beautiful and inspiring! Each day I will try to post one of the psalms here.


“Have recourse to her, and she will exalt you, and you shall he honored by her, when you shall have embraced her. She will shed upon your head abundance of grace, and encircle you with a brilliant crown.” Said the sage (Proverbs ix. 4—6), Glory to God in the highest heavens; thanksgiving, and universal praise to him who sometimes by prophetic mysteries, sometimes by oracles descended from heaven, sometimes by the reading of the Holy Gospel, sometimes by the Apostolic trumpet, excites us without ceasing, in a thousand ways, to render honor in all sincerity to the Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and of Angels ; to the end that, by the august and sacred merits of this Holy Virgin, he may deliver us from the chains of hell, and inscribe us amongst the myriads of angels; thus, though Solomon has applied the preceding words, the Holy Spirit, nevertheless, refers them by a mystical interpretation to the blessed Virgin Mary; and employs them, my beloved sisters and friends, to attract you to the love of the Blessed Virgin, and to invite and draw your hearts, by precious promises, towards her divine embraces.

Thus he guarantees to you the possession of four marvelous gifts, if you unite yourselves by a spiritual tie to this celestial virgin, and if you tender a respectful devotion, which surrounds and attaches itself to her by ardent and pious desires. In the first place, she offers to you exultation: exaltabit te, she will exalt you ; secondly, the glorification: et glorificaberis ab ea, and you will be glorified by her; thirdly, abundance of grace: dabit eapiti tuo augmenta gratiarum, she will shed upon your head abundance of grace ; fourthly, an incorruptible crown of eternal verdure: corona inclyta proteget te, she will encircle your brow with a brilliant crown. Therefore it is that I beseech you, beloved and cherished ones, refuse not the beautiful and noble Virgin, despise not this Queen, so admirable and so venerable, the Virgin Mary, lest if she see herself rejected by you, not only will you be deprived of her holy favors, but also, which God forbid, you would incur eternal misery. Obey her then; open the innermost recesses of your intelligence to prepare your heart; unloose your tongue to praise and glorify her; hasten to please her by your eager services. As it is certain her conversation will render you more pious, her approach more chaste and more pure, her embraces more ornamented by virtue and more loaded with grace.

[MaryVitamin] Our Lady, St. Michael and St. Francis

And in order to give you an opportunity to acquire these privileges, I dedicate to you the Psalter of the Holy Virgin, that I have made and composed by her grace, and with her help, and which is a small part of my poor intelligence. In this Psalter you will celebrate the glorious Virgin Mary by diversified phrases, sometimes singing of her virginity and her chastity, sometimes of her fecundity and her purity, sometimes of her munificence, and sometimes of her clemency; there you extol her as full of grace, full of knowledge, and full of all brilliant intelligence and wisdom. There you will bless the fruit of her womb, the members of her sacred body, and the prerogatives of her soul, all resplendent by sanctity. There you will call together to praise her the choir of angels and the multitude of saints, the islands of all nations, the heavens and the beauty of the stars, and the entire universe, there you will beseech her to destroy the force of your spiritual enemies, to grant you the pardon of your sins, to appease your awful Judge, to illumine by her presence the hour of your death, and to obtain for you the joys that endure eternally. Thus, my beloved, receive with kindness this small and humble present which I offer to you, strive to draw from it some fruit, and use it frequently to praise the Mother of God, and may the very pious Virgin turn towards you her amiable countenance, in her love, renewing, reanimating your soul in the present life, and place upon your head a crown of precious stones and the glory to come.

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Blessed is the man that cherishes thy name, Virgin Mary, thy grace will strengthen his soul.

As a garden watered by springs of living water, thou wilt multiply in that soul the sweetest fruits of justice.

Thou art blessed among all women, because of the humble faith of thy holy heart.

For thou art exalted above all women by the beauty of thy person; thou surpassest the angels and the archangels by the excellence of thy sanctity.

Thy mercy and thy grace are celebrated every where; God has blessed the works of thy hands.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, now and always, and from generation to generation. Amen.

To be continued . . .


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