The Protests By Mike Huckabee

Wikipedia photo

Wikipedia photo

After giving hours of unquestioned coverage to the protests of Trump’s election (and what do they think it will accomplish? Do they believe they’ll get a do-over?), CNN finally let slip what’s really behind all this rebellion without a cause. If you guessed that it involves a particular group of far-left troublemakers and their rent-a-mobs, you’re on the right track.

Of course, there are genuine, non-phony protests, mostly on college campuses by kids who, as columnist Kurt Schlicter put it, have just been told “no” for the first time in their lives and are having a tantrum. I don’t think they’ve thought this through very much. What are protesting for? To ban free elections and install a leader over the will of the majority of the people? There are plenty of countries that already do that, as long they’re threatening to move out of America anyway.

Or have their old hippie professors whose only remaining hair is a goatee and a ponytail filled their heads with romantic stories of how they changed the world, man, with protest riots in the ‘60s? If so, they probably dwelt more on the pot, free love and rock music and not so much on the response to their protests. It started with cops with Billy clubs, police dogs and high-pressure fire hoses, and ended with a fed-up Silent Majority electing a Republican President reviled by the media.

In the current case, the election of Trump happened before the crowds started raging. But at some point, mayors are going to get tired of the traffic jams and start having some Chicago-like thoughts on dealing with it. Let’s hope that before that happens, these students decide they’ve made their point (whatever it is) and get back to class. I don’t think they could deal with Mayor Daley-style law and order when they need a “safe space” full of coloring books and Play-Doh just to survive bruised feelings.


One thought on “The Protests By Mike Huckabee

  1. The Colorful Race Called Humanity

    O my Lord, I really don’t understand
    all the hassle about race or skin color
    this hatefulness is going out of hand
    aren’t we all created in Your honor

    I grew up without any idea of racism
    meeting a different skinned person
    was exciting enriching magnetism
    it gave my soul a gentler version

    To live in a loveless egocentric world
    is more of a punishment than of a gift
    almost everyone in himself is curled
    my soul, O Lord, really needs a lift

    Different shades are more inviting
    than the boring one color only idea
    to love each other without fighting
    is far away from the forbidden tree

    We are born with a colorless soul
    spotless, impeccable and eternal
    without it the body is not whole
    let’s therefore strife to be fraternal

    Rita Biesemans, November 12 2016

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