Purgatory, Mary, and Fatima

By Matt C. Abbott

Below are excerpts from Communion of Saints: The Unity of Divine Love in the Mystical Body of Christ, by Stephen Walford. Those interested in learning about certain important aspects of Catholic theology from an orthodox and in-depth perspective may want to add this book, released in 2016, to their reading lists. Thanks to Mr. Walford for allowing me to publish these excerpts in my column. Click here to order a copy of the book, whose proceeds will go to Aid to the Church in Need.


In this opening chapter, it is essential that we place Purgatory within its rightful place as a dogma of the faith, far away from new age type superstitions at one end of the spectrum, or the outright rejection of it from the other. There is no doubt that the modernist agenda that has crippled the Church in recent decades has also left an open wound in the supernatural sense of the faithful. Simply put, Purgatory has been somewhat relegated to the pews of devout souls who have remained focused through thick and thin on the reality of the Church beyond the grave. Homilies are rarely given that teach on the subject, or prayers encouraged for the dead; and for many Catholics, November is the only time when there is any real reflection on the last things. This intolerable situation has arisen even though popes have continued to teach on the subject regularly throughout the past century.

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Source: Purgatory, Mary, and Fatima


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