RORATE CÆLI: Yes, Natural Disasters can be Divine Punishment for Human Iniquity – Roberto de Mattei


Those who talk of “Divine chastisement” , incur the smearing of the mass-media immediately, as happened to Father Giovanni Cavalcoli*, whose words on Radio Maria [recently] were defined “offensive statements to believers and scandalous to those who don’t believe” by the Secretary of State’s substitute, Monsignor Angelo Becciu.
Yet if there is scandal, it’s precisely the one created by the Vatican prelate’s position which ignores Catholic theology and the teachings of Popes, such as Benedict XVI, who, at his audience of May 18th 2011, while speaking about Abraham’s intercessory prayer for Sodom and Gomorrah, the two biblical cities punished by God on account of their sins, affirms:
“The Lord was prepared to forgive, he wanted to forgive but the cities were locked into a totalizing and paralyzing evil, without even a few innocents from whom to start in order to turn evil into good. This the very path to salvation that Abraham too was asking for: being saved does not mean merely escaping punishment but being delivered from the evil that dwells within us. It is not punishment that must be eliminated but sin, the rejection of God and of love which already bears the punishment in itself. The Prophet Jeremiah was to say to the rebellious people: “Your wickedness will chasten you, and your apostasy will reprove you. Know and see that it is evil and bitter for you to forsake the Lord your God” (Jer 2:19).”
How can we forget that between August and September 2016, the first homosexual civil unions were performed?
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Source: RORATE CÆLI: Yes, Natural Disasters can be Divine Punishment for Human Iniquity – Roberto de Mattei


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