The Tsunami of Secular Satanism in Our Church and in America – Roman Catholic Man

Wow! Here’s a great article I can agree with 100%. I had my diaconal formation during the 80’s and experienced a lot what Fr. Heilman experienced during his seminary training. I almost quit because of certain teachers who were propagating error and confusing us with modernism, denying many truths which I believed as an orthodox Roman Catholic. My spiritual director saved my love and service to Mother Church by reminding me that God would filter out the errors in my mind and keep the truth! He did and I suffered through my 30 years as a deacon as I maintained my traditional Faith. I prayed the Rosary, wore a Brown Scapular, totally devoted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, attended daily Mass and all night vigils with adoration of The Blessed Sacrament, etc. As one priest said to me, “We love you John, but you’re too traditional!” They wouldn’t let me serve in any ministry in their parishes. It’s been long-suffering but I wouldn’t trade these times for anything, God has taught me well and I have “kept the Faith!”

Deacon John


Fr. Heilman: My very good friend, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, has made mention to me in our conversations, that he had been thrown out of seminary. The reason why was left to my imagination, until he recently wrote, “I was thrown out of my seminary by the prof who, in class, explicitly denied the Church’s teaching on transubstantiation. I fought him in class when he stated that ‘no real change takes place.’” WOW! Hard to believe, but very true.

Fr. Zuhlsdorf was in seminary roughly the same time I attended seminary. So, I can attest to what he is talking about …

By the time I entered seminary in the 1980s, our training seemed to have an overriding theme: We were called to completely rethink former notions of Catholicism. We seemed to look at our ancestors’ way of believing and practicing their faith much like we would look back at those who believed the world was flat … they meant well, but they just didn’t know any better. This is why it is often referred to as the heresy of “Modernism,” as it looks to erase the old in favor of the new.

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Source: The Tsunami of Secular Satanism in Our Church and in AmericaThe Tsunami of Secular Satanism in Our Church and in America – Roman Catholic Man


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