In defense of the great Anthony Esolen

The great Dr. Anthony Esolen is under fire from leaders and faculty of Providence College. It’s tragic! Another declining Catholic university eats its own.

Few can explain truth as clearly as Dr. Esolen, and yet his venture into the highly political arena of “diversity” — which includes criticism of Providence College — has brought on a highly political response. Can’t a Catholic college debate such matters rationally and respectfully? Instead, some students want to oust a brilliant professor. Read about the unfolding situation and my defense of Esolen here.

Dr. Esolen is a champion of faithful Catholic education. He advised The Cardinal Newman Society on our new Catholic Curriculum Standards and collaborated with our K-12 Director Dr. Dan Guernsey on a brilliant critique of the Common Core in Catholic schools. As such, he probably annoys his employers, who seem determined to drive a good Catholic college into the mainstream of mediocrity and political correctness.

Read more here:

Source: In defense of the great Anthony Esolen

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