How José Sánchez del Río Died for Christ –

Behind Bars Yet Always Faithful

In his prison cell, Jose remembered the advice of his dear mother:  have complete confidence in the Mother of God, Our Lady of Guadalupe.

As the early morning sun shone through the tiny window in Jose’s cell, he wrote a letter to his mother dated February 6, 1928.

My dear mother:

I was made a prisoner in battle today. I think I will die soon, but I do not care, mother. Resign yourself to the will of God.  I will die happy because I die on the side of our God. Do not worry about my death, which would mortify me.  Tell my brothers to follow the example that their youngest brother leaves them, and do the will of God.  Have courage and send me your blessing along with my father’s.

Send my regards to everyone one last time and finally receive the heart of your son who loves you so much and who wanted to see you before dying.

— Jose Sanchez del Rio

Martyred for Christ, blessed Jose’s life story will really inspire you. Share this post with every young Catholic you know.

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Source: How José Sánchez del Río Died for Christ – TFP Student Action


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