Letter #62, 2016: On the Knife’s Edge – Inside The Vatican

October 3, 2016, Monday — The Pope Walks on the Knife’s Edge

“Today there is a world war to destroy marriage.” —Pope Francis on Saturday, October 1, in Georgia, two days ago, in a meeting with priests, men and women religious, seminarians and pastoral workers at the Church of the Assumption

“There are ideological colonizations that destroy. Therefore we must defend ourselves against ideological colonization.”

Read this amazing report here:

Source: Letter #62, 2016: On the Knife’s Edge – Inside The Vatican

(The above image is the 800-year-old capital carving in the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Vèzelay, France, which Pope Francis referred to in his airplane press conference yesterday evening as he returned from his three-day trip to Georgia and Azerbaijan. The capital depicts Judas, on the left, with his tongue hanging out, hanging himself after he betrayed Christ, and, on the right, the treacherous apostle being carried by Jesus, the Good Shepherd)


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