A Leaven In The World… Hillary, The Sexist And Racist Abortion Candidate



Our southern Maryland Catholic deanery, a cluster of parishes within Charles County, learned this year that our annual Catholic information booth at the fair, staffed by parishioners, can no longer give out free balloons. You see, they might scare the animals.
Yes, you heard correctly: We’re now outlawing balloons out of fear that we might harm the non-human creatures who just might happen to hear a helium-filled sphere burst at the county fair.
Our culture is so inverted that we will now curtail absolutely any human activity because of the chance that it might in the least way possibly offend non-humans, but we will, at the same time, end any human life even up to birth if it offends other humans.
This evil does not even qualify as ignorance because everyone who now chooses abortion has a plethora of scientific methods at their fingertips capable of proving incontrovertibly that what appears to be a mass of cells growing inside a woman’s womb is in fact a human being.

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Source: A Leaven In The World… Hillary, The Sexist And Racist Abortion Candidate | The Wanderer Newspaper


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